Wildcards: Part 2 - The Girls - Extra Time

Who would you like to be a wildcard?

  • Excel (Excel Saga)

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  • Kino (Kino's Journey)

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With Hitomi coming first in the girls wildcard battle, but with a tie between Excel (from Excel Saga) and Kino (from Kino's Journey) no runner up was decided. This is a wildcard battle between Excel and Kino for the position of Wildcard Runner-Up.

YOU ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS TO VOTE. Remember to say who you vote for.
I'm going to have to choose Kino to pledge my support for, because while poor Excel is certainly a bundle of laughs, Kino's Journey manages to focus on the titlular heroine as she matures as a character, and attaches the viewer to Kino and her aims.
Kino's Journey is a great series. I haven't seen Excel Saga, but I doubt has a talking motorcycle ;)
I voted for Kino before so I'll be sticking with her now, much as I love Excel's antic they just can't quite measure up.
Kino, I've only seen the 10 minute prequel, but in that short space of time Kino's mix of whimsy and hard hitting grit easily won me over .
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