Wii Controller News - PC/PS3


Anyone in love with it, I bet you all are, so I thought I'd pass on some new from this Months Gamesmaster Magazine.

Clever Japanese hackers havce already managed to make the Wii controller work with PS3's Linux interface and US gamers have even played Half-Life 2 on PC!

So it looks like that one little controller will soon be one of the most versatile around. I would love to give HL2 a try out using the Wii's style of game play [/quote]


Dandy Guy, in Space
Unless HL is ported over to the Wii you wont see "Wii's style of gameplay" in HL anytime soon. The wii remote can only act as a replacement input device of the signals that either a keyboard and mouse or joypad/stick config.

For proper "Wii Style" gameplay, the has to be able to make full use of the controller, it doesnt actually need to but has to be possible.

I have seen some awesome Wii remote hacks, including playing air guitar with the remote and using a ps program to belt out awesome sounds.

But what you are thinking about just isn't possible yet, and if it is in future, then someone will have to basically remake the game's control interface just for the wiimote that can take 3d spacial recognition, accelerometer feedback, rumble, bluetooth, and on screen precise pointing with analogue and digital player input. Not easily done, not for another year or two at the very least.


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McIcy said:
I would love to give HL2 a try out using the Wii's style of game play
The video is on Youtube IIRC. Though, the people demonstrating it use the word 'nubs' at some point, so it sucks by default.