Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)


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Just had word from United Publications they had to cancel my Ladies Vs Butlets Undressed Edition - aparantly Rightstuf have gone radio silent about if they are actually going to fulfil existing orders. Given they burnt me on a figure order last year I can't see myself using Rightstuf again.
Amazon have it listed. About £32 plus £1.26 postage.
Haven't put it in basket to see if there are customs on top.


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The Rightstuf ero exile website appears to be live now: Home - BuyAnime.com

I am curious if there's been any noticeable changes in prices, but I don't have any references to compare against.
I didn't order anything from rightstuf.

I do own 6 of these titles, all from 3-5 years ago. Mainly got them through Amazon. All of them are on the site and $30 while I paid about £20.
There are titles from $14.

Don't know if this helps but if you've a specific question, I won't be shy about answering.
And if your wondering, mine have plots. 😇