Where Can I Import US PS3 Games?

Invisible Crane

After finding out that the UK release of Beyond Two Souls is being censored and having it up to here with UK releases of PS3 exclusives getting censored, I've decided if I ever get this and other titles I want to import it from the US. Does anyone here know of any good places on the net (or IRL) that sell imported US games


Mutsumi said:
So the UK version censors violence, and the US version censors sex?

pretty much. However, they aren't cutting anything, all they are doing is re-working it to keep to pegi 16. I think it's about a few seconds they are changing on each end so that it can keep to 16+ instead of getting to 18+, so they can sell it to as many people as possible.

I'd like to point out here that GTAV, an 18+ game just became the highest grossing game of all time. So their argument is pretty flawed.