What's your internet speed?

Ryo Chan

something danime made me think about in the bleach forum so i'd be interested to see the results here

what speed (and if you want internet provider) do you have?

atm i'm on 20mb with Virgin Media


256k right at this moment, Pipex are being assholes again, my connection is 2meg but they keep lowering it every other week.


Still in an area that hasn't got uber fast broadband, but i have got 2mb at the moment, can download at roughly 200kbps so its not to bad.


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Glad I ventured into this part of the forum.

My max download speed is around 115 kbps, which is 1 meg I think, although paying for 2meg, my ISP is Pipex like Xelis, and they throttle the download speed at about 3/4pm to early morning so I have to download in the morning. Moving to BeThere (24meg) is on my to-do list, and it's actually cheaper than Pipex I think - luckily I live close to my telephone exchange as well so all's well.


I got virgin cable so I don't suffer any slow down periods its fast 24/7 which is ideal for when I am working day shifts and wanna d/load or play online games after work


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Download Speed is supposed to be: 0.515 MB/s
Upload Speed is supposed to be: 0.228 MB/s

I use BT Broadband and we don't have fibre optic because I live in a small village. The point where the connection is located is not in our village but in another one about 7 miles away.

I can connect to the internet and play games online fine, but when it comes to streaming and downloading it's another story:

Instead of the speed above, my download speed is actually 50 KB/s and my upload speed is about 20 KB/s.

I remember it took an 9GB (Steam title) file 60 hours straight to download.


It's all a bit low at the moment because of the time of day, but we're on 60mb down and 3mb up. So in comparison to all those years ago, yeah it's a....slight improvement? ;p only by 58mb though



Quite an improvement (I think I was on a 2MB connection six years ago or no connection)


The moron from disconnections at virgin media didn't think I'd get above double figures on the download speed side.


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EE upgraded our internet connection to fibre optic in July, before that it was about 4mb. Streaming on 720p was only possible if I was the only person using the connection.