What're ya Buying Stranger


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I'm looking to clear up some space,so I thought I'd put some items on here again.
Prices are listed and postage for single items will depend on items

Region A
Attack on Titan part 1 and 2 (Funimation BD/DVD combo)-£30
One Punch Man -£15
Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade- £15
Region B Blu-Ray
Guilty Crown part 1 Limited Edition (Madman)-£20
Good Luck Girl -£15
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt ( Japanese Standard)-£15
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Collector’s Edition-£15
Shiki(S.A.V.E) Edition- £15
Dusk maiden of Amnesia (Sentai Blu-Ray with OST)-£20
Evangelion 1.11 Collector’s Edition (Anime Ltd)-£17

Gatchaman Crowds season 1 £15
Patlabour : The movie-£13
Patlabour 2-£13

Death Note Black Editions Vol 1-6-£35
Overlord Vol 1 -£7
Maria the Virgin Witch 1-3 and Exhibition-£20
Umineko Volume 2 part 1 and 2-£20
Umineko Volume 3 part 1 and 2-£20
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I'll take The World God Only Knows S3 please :)

Don't suppose you have S1, 2 & the OVAs to sell as well ;)

If Lemon passes on Railgun (i doubt it though :p) i'll take it too.


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I wonder if HdE is willing for pay £3 extra for Berserk than waiting for DOTW... Although I have been quite entertained by his recent Friday hype so I kinda hope not.


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If you're willing to ship to Europe (The Netherlands to be precise), I'll gladly take K-On! Season 1 and Good Luck Girl.


Captain Karen
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Don't suppose you have any other AoA Monogatari sets you're willing to part with? I'm only missing a couple but Neko Black isn't one of them, sadly.