What you guys doing right now.

wondering why its so difficult for some people to cover their damn mouth when they cough. surrounded by tramps in this office.
Just discovered an awesome picture on my Twitter feed. Yuki from Versailles takes a secret picture of Kamijo at a convenience store holding up what looks like the Japanese equivalent to Mr Muscle.

I nearly killed myself laughing. Made my day. :)
Looking around the forums, posting occasionally.

Found my ipod yesterday :D after a week an a bit of searching, it had just fallen on the floor and inbetween my washing basket and the desk. Gunna listen to ricky gervais podcast again now ^___^

Plus, gunna be surprising the gf tomorrow, she thinks i'm turning up on friday midday.... i'll turn up tomorrow evening and take her out for dinner :)
I'm taking part in the usual Summer time procrastination session.

Really I should be tweaking my 3rd year project before its demonstration tomorrow.
Still waiting for that damn courier, I'm afraid to go shower lest they turn up at my door while I'm not looking, I'm also watching 5 Centimetres Per Second to see what the fuss about this movie is, opinions coming soon :wink:
Bopping my head about and listening to radio 1. Got training to deliver today so its going to be a good day.

overslept this morning, so won't finish till maybe 6pm ...... but thats the way the world goes lol
Maybe, may be not, but duck eggs are superior to hen laid. They're larger and firmer, they fry much better and they don't have such a heavy feeling in your gut when you make omelettes from them. ;)
memorium said:
Watching the Yogscast, anyone else finding youtube a bit slow lately when it comes to HD videos?
Meh, I hardly watch anything really - TV or internet posted. (Although Yogscast is awesome.)
Only thing I've been watching on Youtube lately is the Mortal Kombat Legacy eps.

Today, I've been tanning... Well, the sun's out and it's a lazy day for me, so why not? ;) (shouts of "Hypocrite" come from another thread...) I have power-washed some more of the driveway though, and finish it off tomoz.
Now I'm just cooling down and hoping I win an Ebay auction.