What you guys doing right now.

memorium said:
Jayme said:
Wondering if Haruhi's eyes have always been that creepy.
I would like photographic evidence
Stuart-says-yes said:
memorium said:
Just came back from my driving test, I seem to have a habit of falling just short

Ah dear, unlucky mate, what happened?
I got failed for not observing to see if a lane was clear before I moved into it, again.

But this time it was on a roundabout with about 5 different exits and 3 different lanes, the fact that you have to alternate between them all to get the exit you want doesn't help and I was focusing more on that than actually observing.

@Jayme: That is indeed a tad disturbing, perhaps it's something to do with the fact that the whites are barely visible or the shape of the eyes? I don't remember them looking that odd
Nah, it's the eyebrows: they're always bent downwards, as it's never easy to impress her. ;)

Forum browsing and just finished shopping.
listening to chris moyles on radio 1. drinking tango orange and looking at my bank account, which got hammerd by over £300 this weekend *sigh* gunna have to do some serious holding back this month.
So, I'm watching Sigh (Haruhi) and am curious if any of this stuff has been animated before? If not, I'm pretty sure I've read this book...
Indeed (to answer both Godot & Zin5ki's questions). A very last minute plan, but one I'm glad I went ahead with. What an amazing town as well, it almost feels more Carribean than American. Still a few too many tourists for my liking (hypocritical, I know) but at least it's a bit different.