What would you have as your anime name???


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if everyone had to change there name to something out of an anime what would you change yours too ???

For me i would stick with my real name which is zeon. cause one its a pretty good name and two because it also comes from mobile suit gundam.


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...your real name is Zeon? I am too impressed to even be able to start thinking of an answer to the question at the moment.



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Just take my preferred name, Joshi and mix the letters around to get Shoji. Shoji is also the name of those screen doors iirc, so it shows how people easily use me and walk through me xD


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Because of the Japanese r/l weirdness and the way my strange surname is pronounced, the closest approximation in Japanese actually seems to have a meaning (though I'm in no way certain of this and am fully prepared to be shot down by maestro or Rui).

My Japanese alias? Ryūnosuke Ayase. I use it for pretty much anything which requires a full name where I don't want to use my real one.


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... what the hell is your actual surname, ayase?

For RPGs with no preset names, I tend to use Shujinkou Masaru (主人公 勝). That's about as close as I've got to thinking about it.


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