What to watch next?

What shall i watch next?

  • Gad Guard Volume 1

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  • Kiddy Grade Case 5

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  • Love Hina Volume 4

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  • Last Exile Volume 1

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  • Hanaukyo maid Team La Verte Volume 1

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Ghost of Animes
By a large margin, I'd go for Last Exile #1. It reminds me of Star Wars; epic fantasy setting, exciting aerial dog fights and very realistic, down to Earth personalities.

Kiddy Grade #5 is the best volume of the series so far, but something about this show just turns me off.

Same applies to Love Hina #4- very impressive and fun set of episodes within the confines of the series' zany formula, especially after the mediocre previous volume.

Gad Guard #1 I haven't seen yet, but I have been hearing that Get Backers is a good series (though it's 64 episodes?).


Paul said:
but I have been hearing that Get Backers is a good series (though it's 64 episodes?).
I saw the first volume today (got both Gad Gaurd and Getbackers at the same time), its a 49 episode series IIRC. Its pretty good action with comedy moments style show.

Rurouni H

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Finished Zeta already? :shock:

I voted for Gad Guard, because I like the looks of that show. That said, I haven't seen any of these besides Kiddy Grade, so I can't really judge.
Get Backers looks really good. I saw the first episode at Amecon, and even dubbed it was funny. Something I'll definately be getting as soon as my account has more cash.


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I voted for Last Exile but Kiddy Grade also looks like a great choice. Gonzo can't put a foot wrong at the moment!