What manga are you reading now?

@RadFemHedonist : I love James Mayhew's art too - and he's created so many wonderful books for children of all ages! You've probably seen this - but he also does live painting at special concerts for young people in which he illustrates the pieces the orchestra plays: pure magic! :)

I had definitely heard Mayhew's name before but actually I didn't know about that! It sounds lovely! 🥰

I got five other books of fairytales and the like to read during my charity shop trips, all in hardcover, and I'm excited about all of them! :)
Futari to Futari ch1-6 (end) - Ahh I do love me some trash. This is a one volume yuri manga that was published in Yuri Hime S back in 2009 (the defunct sister magazine aimed at men that spawned YuruYuri). The plot is basically just an excuse for constant sex scenes, two roommates are unbeknownst to each other dating two women, then the roommates both find this out and immediately start cheating on their girlfriends with each other. I would have given it like a 4 or 5 but it has a polyamory ending so for me that pushed it up to a 6. God I love a polyamory ending.

However, as mediocre as this thing is, I noticed that it had a panel which was virtually identical to one of the most memorable ones from 'Asumi-chan is Interested in Lesbian Brothels' (a much better, much more wholesome yuri smut series). I'm 90% certain that the panel in this was the prototype for the one in Asumi and it amuses me where mangaka lift some of their inspirations from.

The panel from Asumi-chan
The panel from Futari to Futari
Enchanting Tales for Young Readers (Hardcover) - Another charity shop buy, this is entirely comprised of stories written for this collection with no older fairytales included, and it's not a very well known book as I only found one review on Goodreads and one on Amazon, but I actually really enjoyed this collection of short stories, and the illustrations were lovely and plentiful. Just fun kiddies stuff but it kept me entertained and in a good mood for a couple of sitdowns in the afternoon, can't say fairer than that for £1.50 and it's hardcover with decent paper and print quality. Couldn't help but smile at things like a witch riding the bus cuz she'd never learned to fly, and I definitely think kids would enjoy these stories, I'm a little sad I probably won't get the chance to read them with my nephews :)
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This Art Club Has a Problem! volume 1 - An okay start but I think it's going to need another volume before I get proper on-board with it.

An Archdemon's (Friend's) Dilemma: How to Babysit a Crybaby Knight volume 1 - A spin-off manga for Elf Bride focused on Barbatos and Chastille. A fun read provided you like those two characters.

You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! volume 2 (LN) - Another fun instalment of this one, a big fan of the characters in this and despite the somewhat questionable premise it's way more charming than you'd believe.

A Man and His Cat volume 8 - Really enjoyed getting to meeting the MC's kids, they're such great characters. They're definitely going to be a great addition to the daily life side of things.

How Do We Relationship? volume 9 - Gotta wonder if the end goal of this one is getting the two main characters back together, having grown and matured from their current relationships.

Fabricant 100 (Complete, WSJ) - A rushed likely cancelled ending as often the case for a Jump series.

My Stepmom's Daughter is My Ex volume 8 (LN) - Another good entry, not a lot to say about this one this time around.

An Introvert's Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru is Head over Heels for Me! volume 4 (LN) - I feel like you could have ended the series here and been fine, but I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes all the same.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hexagonal Phase/Phase Six/And Another Thing Radio Series Adaptation - I thought Eoin Colfer did an excellent job with this and had a lot of fun listening to the radio version, makes me want to do a marathon of all six series back to back :)

Welcome Back, Alice Volumes 3-4 - Still getting a lot out of this and
Yo and Kei
are so sweet together, Volume 5 has just arrived so looking forward to reading that soon too! :)

Tales of the Kingdom Volume 1 - Wow! This is the first manga by Asumiko Nakamura that I've read and I'm really impressed, I have Volumes 2-3 as well and I'm really looking forward to reading them, I love the atmospheric slightly minimalistic (or at least stark/spare) way that she presents the story and characters, really does feel like a fable/fairytale :)
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody ch 97

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest ch 140 - 141

Hajimete no Gal ch 168

In Another World With My Smartphone ch 82

Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san ch 290 - 292

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ch 110

The Honor Student's Secret Job ch 38

The Rising of the Shield Hero ch 100

To Love-Ru Darkness volume 1 & 2 (Colored Edition)
Welcome Back, Alice Volume 5 - Two more volumes to go! This series is really engrossing :)

The Girl From the Other Side Deluxe Hardcover Omnibus 3 Containing Volumes 7-9 - I laughed! I cried! I
turned into a tree!

Blood on the Tracks Volume 14 - Incredibly uncomfortable reading, hopefully the last three volumes will wrap up the series in a satisfactory manner.