What manga are you reading now?


Baka Ranger
Read chapters 1-26 of Bokurano last night, it's NGE meets Gantz, awesome stuff. Can't wait for the anime, hope it isn't a failure. ;_;


Baka Ranger
Up to date on Bokurano now, or rather I was yesterday, now I'm reading Helter Skelter, the art is terrible, but the story is so good.


Baka Ranger
I'm now reading Monster, then I'll read Vagabond and then Fist of the North Star. Woo. Oh, and I'm not done with Helter Skelter yet, another 5 chapters to go. "^_^

Laughing Manji

School Idol
Remote is excellent. I really like that one. Art is so-so and variable,
but the characters are very good and theres a great sense of pace and tension.

On holidays recently so I had the opportunity to read a lot more stuff:
- Cheeky Angel 16 - still a fun series
- Battle Angel Alita Last Order 8 still a good series but the series has been plagued by a directionless plot.
- Cannon God Exaxxion 5 - great stuff! Haven't followed this in so long, I just wish Dark Horse would followup with more
- Nodame Cantabile -7 - still good, still great

but the kicker is

- Ode to Kirihito (one volume) - Oh My F**king God. This is an astounding manga. Ozamu Tezuka, for all his patronage of the medium is a bit of an acquired taste for a western audience. I have appreciated Buddha, but just got into the first volume. But this is astounding. A medical thriller, the humanity in it really sticks with you. This was written at a time when manga was 'growing up' appealing more to older audiences, using mature themes and shock tactics. A new guard of authors were the driving force of this movement, and there was an implied challenge to Tezuka, the author of kids stories, to stay relevant. Ode to Kirihito was his comeback, and in one stroke he became the leader of this movement. This is a fantastic work, it makes me really want to finish up Buddha and seek out a lot more of his mature work, like Adolf and Phoenix. This is a must read.


Combat Butler
I just read Death note volume 10 And I loved it the new charcter that they introduce is great. (Bit of a nut though) :lol:
I am going to read Tokyo mew mew vol 7


Dandy Guy, in Space
Yesterday a train journey gave me the chance to read Bleach 16 and 17, which makes me fully up to date with the English version of the manga.


Just got Volumes 10+11 of Negima, and 3+4 of Ai Yori Aoshi.
Re-reading Vol. 1 of Ai Yori Aoshi, then 2-4. Then probably Negima 10+11.