What manga are you reading now?


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Daytime Shooting Star volume 4

Wednesday morning, 3:30AM (complete)

Snow White with the Red Hair Volume 5

Golden Sparkle volume 1 (complete) - This one was a nice surprise on Futekiya. A mostly wholesome look at young and inexperienced love. :)

Boys Love! Volume 3 (complete)


Adventuring Alchemist
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Heaven in the Hell Volume 1 (complete)

I Refuse to Be Your Enemy volume 1 (light novel)

The Pure Knight's Shining Journey volume 1 (complete)

Tales of Berseria volume 2


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Just finished reading AoT, currently up to date on the Simupub chapters.

Now having a change of pace and reading Flying Witch and Silver Spoon.


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Komi Can't Communicate vol 1
Really enjoyed this. Funny, endearing, a little sad but also hopeful. As someone who hates meeting strangers and despises talking to strangers (networking at conferences is just the worst) I can really empathize with Komi's fear of conversation. Yes its mostly played for laughs as situations get out of control and Tadano takes the flak onto himself but I did find a lot of it funny and its not at Komis expense. Its also nice to see her support network slowly grow.

Dragon Slayer

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Humans are the Strongest Race ~Starting a Slow Life with an Elf Wife in a Different World~ ch 29

In Another World with My Smartphone ch 40

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs ch 193
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Solain omnibus (complete) - Wanted to read this before Downfall comes out and I've heard a lot about it. Quite depressing but realistic look at young adults and the difficulties we can face. Very much enjoyed it.

Owarimonogatari End Tale Part 1 (light novel)

Demon Slayer volume 11

The Devil is a Part-Timer! volume 11 (light novel)

Konosuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World! volume 1 (light novel) - I've been following the manga for this one since Yen kept constantly delaying the light novel release. I was pleased to find that the manga hasn't been leaving out much content (mostly just bits focused on side characters that aren't as relevant). If you're fan of the series then you're definitely going to want to read the light novel for the 'full picture', but the manga has been doing a great job too. :)

Death Note 2020 (complete) - A very interesting idea here. It was nice to revisit that world in a new age where things are so different to the original series.

Even If You Close Your Eyes, You Can See the Light volume 1 (complete)


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Showa 1944-1959

I read and enjoyed the first two volumes of Shigeru Mizuki's comprehensive history of both 20th Century Japan and his own life about a year or so ago. At the time, the library didn't have this volume so I put it on hold only to forget about it for a while. Yesterday I happened to look again and they had the final two volumes, so I checked them out.

As someone who’s familiar with immediate post-war history this volume didn’t teach me quite as much general world and Japanese history as the earlier ones did, but it was still fascinating to read Mizuki’s personal account of the time. What an amazing (and amazingly lucky, how many times might he easily have died during the war?) life he lived. I think it’s fantastic to read personal accounts like his, what stories would all the other people who lived through these times have had to tell if they had put pen to paper as well? Looking forward to the final volume.

Death Note One-Shot

Glad I'm not the only one who paid attention to the creeping surveillance state. When I heard this featured world leaders I thought the new MC might actually have taken up my own long-imagined best use for the Death Note (seriously, someone who attempts to use it to influence world events by manipulating the actions of and killing off people in positions of power is still a story I'd love to read) but Tanaka’s clearly more about the money than the power. Interesting enough a concept, but I feel like it deserved more time, wrapped up as it was far too quickly and neatly. Plus, I feel like national governments would be far more likely to use those surveillance powers to track whoever bought the Death Note and simply take if from them rather than openly bid for it themselves. Also worth bearing in mind should Death Note ever receive a proper sequel: Donald Trump is now one of the few people able to see Ryuk.