What manga are you reading now?

Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
So Yesterday I sat down and finally decided to read through my huge backlog of Hunter X Hunter volumes off my bookshelf. And boy...13 volumes in one sitting! (vols 18-30)
WOW all I can pretty much say is...WOW!
HxH is easily one of the best Shonen titles out there but the only thing giving it bad rep is the constant breaks/hiatuses. HxH has always been my fave and the whole Chimera Ant Arc was incredible IMO.
HxH is the only series where I wait for the English Viz releases as apposed to reading scanlations.
Not sure if I can wait till bloody December for the next 2 volumes! :(

Any other HxH fans out there?

Professor Irony

Been reading through Suicide Island the past couple of days and I'm finding it pretty gripping. Unable to cope with the fall-out from rising suicide rates, the Japanese government gathers those who cannot stop attempting and ships them off to a deserted island, leaving them to get on with it. Although some carry on trying to take their own lives, others slowly regain their will to live and try desperately to survive.

With its leering moments of horror, it's almost certainly influenced by the first season of Lost (y'know, the good one), but there's something oddly thrilling about seeing the main character gradually find meaning to his existence as he experiences a weird commune with nature.

I've read about half of what's been translated so far and, while there's still plenty of meat left on its bones, I'm kind of hoping that the story might draw a conclusion fairly soon. It would be great as a compact little thriller, rather than becoming bloated and drawn out (like the later seasons of Lost)...


Vampire Ninja
Kimi ni Todoke 7-8. Still slowly re-reading this series until I can buy something else haha! Been holding off buying anything else until we're into June.


Dragon Knight
Haganai vol 1 - art style caught me by surprise compared to the anime but entertaining enough, can really feel the dislike Yozura and Sena have going at the moment


Just read all of Boku to Kanojo no Koi Log. Despite the generic start, it's probably one of the best manga I've read in a long time. A++ imouto, would read again.

Also, the description doesn't do it any justice but I suppose that makes it better.

st_owly (witch)

I'm now rereading Tsubasa Chronicles since I finally have all the volumes. Hopefully it'll make more sense this time. I've also started reading Faster than a Kiss by Meca Tanaka, it's cute so far.