What manga are you reading now?


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ayase said:
Yeah, finished it last night actually. It's gone straight in at No. 2 on my favourite manga list. Haven't got Burst yet, but I certainly will.
You have good taste, sir =)
Now, I seriously need to read yokohama...

Magillanica Lou Mayvin

Mars. I read eight (smallish) volumes in a row last night, taking my grand total to 10/15 (+1).

At first I thought it was an 8/10 shoujo, with normal shoujo character art and no backgrounds 90% of the time. Now? I think it's the best romance story I've encountered. Realistic, moving, cute, funny - it has it all. It's a bit melodramatic at times - as you'd expect of something girly - and the random sociopath story in volumes 6-7 made me put up my nose, but it's been excellent since then. My main complaint early on was Rei getting all the development because of his twin issue, so it pleased me greatly to see Kira get all the time after the sociopath arc.

It might go to #2 in my manga top five on MAL. It all depends on the last five volumes. Volume ten was a happy volume, in contrast to what went before, and it left me on a high after all the emotional turmoil that went before... I'm unsure if that's what's left me thinking 10/10.

With Kurokami (on-hold while I wait for volumes 6-7) getting a 9/10 from me and Mars edging towards a ten, it's fair to say I'm enjoying reading manga right now. :D

Magillanica Lou Mayvin

I'm a romanatic at heart; no matter how I feel about myself, the world or my dog. You wouldn't think it but I do like a good love story.

Shoujo, josei, shounen, seinen - I'll read whatever, providing it's good enough.


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Up to date with Bleach, One Piece and Soul Eater, so now I'm reading some my Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi and I'll be reading Negima too as I can carry on with the books (as I finally got the one I was missing).

Magillanica Lou Mayvin

I've owned five rather yellow/used volumes of Happy Hustle High for many months. I read through them a few days back, enjoying the series a hell of a lot. It may just have been an excuse for a tomboy to be close to three ladyboys, but the tomboy in question was a lovable lil' thing and the never-ending comedy made it more funny than girly. Enjoyment was 9/10, but overall it gets an eight from me. I like my shoujo, me.

I've also started Rozen Maiden, reading 4/8 volumes. It hasn't been great; the supernatural side has been vague to the extreme and the characters who aren't dolls have been unrealistic. The action has also been unclear, leaving me unsure what's happened on a few occasions. The doll designs are nice, and it can be enjoyable, but I've struggled to read even one volume in one sitting. It seems very 7/10ish.

Magillanica Lou Mayvin

Gantz 2 (re-read) - 5

Near enough identical to the anime; meaning the anime (the first series, at least) is a bloody good adaptation. The only thing that lets the first series down is the pacing of the Nishi business. Rather than being faithful to the manga - keeping the dialogue and making the action move in slow motion (though it didn't feel that way in the manga, with motionless panels) - and trying to extend the story to fit those episodes, Gonzo should've cut some dialogue and just got on with it.

There are some added touches in the anime that make me think more highly of it. Nothing major; just small stuff such as the big-boobed (as ever with Gantz!) chick Kei screws being shown watching Kei before he leaves the room prior to the third mission. In the manga, she just kind of appeared where he went.

There are other things, too. As dumb as it was, I found it amusing and thought it fit the overall mood of Gantz when - on the verge of getting a kicking from a school thug - Kei got an erection, which powered-up his suit. In the manga, Kei was able to just use suit. The 'fill the gap' parts in the anime improved the experienced slightly, also - like when Kato got violent with his aunt... which never occurred in the manga because he left with his younger brother beforehand.

There was even a minor 'Huh?' moment that got fixed in the anime, too. In the manga, when the onion alien chases Kei and Tits, Kei leaves Tits behind and, for whatever reason, the onion alien left her. In the anime, they ran together and only separated after Kei slide underneath the alien. I'm guessing there's going to be an 'Aliens don't attack people not in suits!' part added to the manga, but the anime version still worked better.

Really, the two versions of the story are so similar that it's hard right now to rate one higher than the other. I'm sure, further down the line, after the manga leaves the anime behind, it'll get better, but right now I'm missing Kei's English dub voice when I'm reading the pages. Without that whiny/cynical voice expressing his personality, he just doesn't seem the same character to me...

Yotsuba 1-2.5 (I couldn't finish 3 last night 'cause my lamp is a retard)

I can't quite express why I like this, but I do. It's episodic (is that the right word to use for manga? :|), and that usually puts me off - like in the case of OMG - but there's something very charming about watching how Yotsuba views the world. Everything is new to her, and she's never sad. Really, she's retarded, but I can't help but be amused by her direct, honest and unrefined word usage, as well as how people react to her. And the art is wonderful, it making me look forward to reading Azumanga later.

The most amusing part so far was when Jumbo, embarrassed because a good looking woman was talking to him, responded to Asagi saying "You must have trouble buying clothes; being so big!" by saying "No! I like being in the buff!" - classic stuff. The characters are all so lovable - the sisters in particular - that I find even small thins making me smile.

I've ordered 4-5. Gantz needs a friend, and Yotsuba is my unlikely choice.


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'The Walking Man' - Jiro Taniguchi

Wonderful slice of life manga. Reading the volume on a dull wednesday afternoon really lifted my spirits and reaffirmed the idea of taking pleasure from the little things in life, such as taking the time to go for a walk.


Finished Monster volume 2 a couple days ago, and i'm intending to go out and buy the next couple of volumes now when i get the chance. I can see why it gets so much praise, and despite being manga, kinda has that western thriller type feel to it. I guess when it comes to the anime, i could see why it would appeal to audiences outwith japan. Despite that though, i really need to read more to get a better glimpse into the world of monster itself and its characters, so can't wait for the next few volumes.

Also started reading through Gunsmith Cats Revised vol 2, read 17-19 so far, and has shown how awesome car chases can truly be. Kinda left it at a bad point too, middle of a story arc and i left it back at the flat =/ should've brought it with me as now i can't read anymore of it till monday.

Rena Ryuugu

Read or Dream volume 1

I really enjoyed reading this and some parts just made me laugh so much especially Michelle's reasons for buying so many copies of a single book
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I read naruto 47 on the train home today finished it in about 20-25 minutes but it was a good read , even though I've already read the chapter's on line , I like the series enough for it to warrent buying all the tank's.

naruto 47 concludes the whole naruto vs 6 path's of pain battle and naruto finally realises the 4th hokage was his father I though he knew all along too.

I think the meeting of naruto and the 4th hokage was so great because of this

I also liked it because after several volumes focusing on sasuke it was a nice change to see the title character do something (in a battle)
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