What has been the lowest selling UK released Anime?

awadama fever

chaos said:
Akira UMD sold only one? Seriously?
Well I bought it, and so did Mutsumi, so that figure's definitely wrong... >_>

LOL @ DVDs selling double figures though...I know it's really not funny, considering ADV went bust, but the idea of a DVD selling so little is kinda comical.


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Shiroi Hane said:
Didn't MVM end up cancelling their Sailor Moon release? I'm sure I heard it did stupendously badly at any rate.
Well, I don't know anyone else who's ever owned up to getting Contender's Cardcaptors DVDs. As far as I know they didn't even finish re-releasing the VHS volumes (I have 4 double VHS sets and only 2 DVDs, each with two tapes worth of content).
Did anyone else get that low-quality dub-only release of World of Narue in the cardboard digipak?

lol have both the contenders cardcaptors dvds and the world of narue dvds lol. this was back in my days when i used to buy any anime dvd that came out.


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I think MIBlackburn_d6 maybe on to something with UMD's. As none of them could have sold that well taking account the low user base to buy to begin with and they were a bit pointless anyway.

Had a quick look an ebay for Anime UMD and one stuck out that couldn't have possible sold that well:



Shiroi Hane

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The only UK UMD movie I have is Cowboy Bebop, because it was in a closing down sale and pretty much the only anime the store had.
There are actually some quite cheap anime UMDs in Japan - I got Amuri in Star Ocean on UMD since I was sort of interested in it, but not enough to shell out for the three DVDs.

The Bandai Visual blu-ray discs were all printed in Japan for sale here, there and in the US, so the discs all had BBFC logos screenprinted onto them and frontloaded FBI warning screens. The only difference was the piece of paper inserted under the shrinkwrap. I assume the DVDs are a little different due to video formats. I have Patlabor as I found it going cheap, but it had been out for ages so never made any comparison with the other version or entered into any discussion about it.

Jonathan Clements' The Blu-Ray Blues article which sums up BVUSA pretty well:
Because, you see, now we can fit 30 languages on a single disc, it makes sense for it to be a single release, mastered in Japan. In theory, this is great news for anime. In practise, however, right now there are a dozen people in Tokyo offices saying that foreigners are stupid and don’t know how to sell anime.

Shiro Inu

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At one point Slow Step (released by Western Connections) was the worst selling anime in the UK. Not sure if it still holds that dubious honour though.


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chaos said:
If my memory is not playing any tricks at me, Hugh, ex-ADV man, said that red garden sold amazing 6 copies.

I'll try to ask him that.

I remember reading a quote from him about this, though I believe it was one specific volume that sold 6 copies. Unfourtunately I can't remember which volume, nor can I find the website with this info.