What Games Are You Playing?


Baka Ranger
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. [XBOX. Great game.]
Mario Kart: Double Trouble. [Gamecube, good game too, only for multiplayer though.]
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. [PS2, I whore the weapons cheat on this game.]

Eh, that's all for now.


Brigade Leader
ive been lent star wars : knights of the old republic II by a friend,
its quite good the rpg element to it is very good,
im just happy to be able to run around with a light saber!! :D

*bad Lightsaber impression*


Espy said:
Tohru-san said:
Kingdom Hearts: chain of memories! Trying to finish it before KH2 comes out

Whoah, weird, ditto!

i remember it took me a while just to beat one of the bosses on that game, just never had good enough attack cards..got there in the end though..erm..at the moment..still battling through N3(ninety nine nights) every so often, getting there now.

Guyver 0

Great Teacher
I got Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favourite game of all time!!!
for the ps1!!!
£20 :(
won't save on my PS2 memory card :(
i'll have to complete in one go!!!!!!


Stand User
Rukario said:
Necromancer said:
for time attack :lol:
There's a time attack on the game? o_o
Where is it?

Load in your completed save game and pray at the Collosi statues in the starting area, it tells you that when you finish the game and also unlock hard mode (different unloackables for hard mode time attack).


Vampire Ninja
Today I'm going to restart playing Resident Evil 4. I just realised its been over three weeks or sosince I last played it! Don't you love my dedication?! ;-D


Completely Average High School Student
I would be playing Call of Duty 2 on my 360 if it hadnt decided to brake... it'll be winging its way to Bill this week grrr...

so now it's back to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney on my dinky DS Lite ^____^ quite enjoying it...