What do you do with art cards?

What do you generally do with art cards within BD / DVD sets?

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As a newbie to the hobby, I’m already gathering quite a collection of art cards from BD / DVD sets.

So, I was wondering what you all generally do with your art cards and what the consensus of the forum is.

I’m currently leaving them unopened in their plastic wrapping. Part of me wants to have a look at them but I’ve always seen what they’ll look like online anyway. I’d perhaps consider displaying some for a series I really like.


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I usually open them up and have a look at them, but otherwise they stay within the set they came with. I don't really have the space to display them nicely otherwise I'd probably frame some sets. 😅


Yeah I open them up and have a look but then they go back in the box. I tend to prefer larger prints for display. Tbh never really considered framing a bunch together for display. I might do that one day space permitting.


I'm not interested in them...so if they're sealed, I don't open them. I either just leave them in the case or if they seem loose/wobbly in there, I throw them in a drawer and never look at them again.


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I recently opened some sets that I’d had for a while and even watched and I’d not touched the art cards. I decided next time I open the box/case I want an art card that’s not the same as the cover/previous cover to be the first thing I see, swapped some around and put them back in the box. If I’m honest I’m not that keen on them. I much prefer a booklet, that i can very carefully open as not to bend it, decide I can’t read it like that and put it back in the case 😂


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I open them, take a look and then pop them safely back into the box. Honestly art cards are my least favourite bonus. They're pretty impractical. I prefer the artbooks that actually give you some extra info. Gotta make a CE actually feel like you're getting bonus stuff and art cards just aint it for me.
I can really only echo a mix of the sentiments above: if the art cards are the same size as the box holding them, then they'll stay in there. If they're smaller and rattle around inside, then I store them in one of the little boxes I keep for things like that. (That began when I started removing DVD leaflets from their cases because I didn't like them getting dented by those plastic clips that pin them in place.)

And again, yeah, I'd much prefer a booklet to a set of art cards (or a folded poster).

The idea of framing art cards had occurred to me too, but I've never invested the time/effort/money in pursuing that, and surely never will.


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When I have walls available, I blu-tack them on those. I like to look at art, I like to surround myself with it if possible. To each their own of course, but it seems a shame to me to keep them sealed away and I definitely enjoy getting art cards as an extra.


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Thank you for the thoughts everyone! It's useful and definitely interesting to collate these opinions.

It's a little sad but general consensus (so far) seems to be that art cards are not hugely useful or held in high anticipation, although I'm glad that some of us enjoy/use them and they're not completely wasted! We rarely seem to do anything with them and most remain in permanent stasis within the DVD/BD boxes, sometimes unopened.

I definitely now have some follow up polls in mind, re: the overall make up of Collector's Editions, which I'll post shortly.