What did you RECEIVE today?

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My experience was probably just a one off, but the BD box itself was wedged up against one of the outer box's corners. Not quite touching because of the shrink wrap, but just enough that a serious drop could've damaged the item. It's a cool way of shipping things though - saves on bundles of brown packing paper.


Babymetal - Babymetal (CD)
Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool (CD)
Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (CD)
Dennou Coil Complete Collection (DVD)
Nichijou - My Ordinary Life Collection (DVD)


School Idol
Okami-San and Her Seven Companions

I went back and forth on whether i should buy it but recently i was like "it's only 14 euros so why the **** not" and bought it.

Besides that i also got Love Idol for Vita and the Dragon Quest rhythm game for Vita. I just need to go pick them up after four.


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Using rakuten points and cash from trading in a couple of games I got the following even though I had no plans to buy any additional figures :facepalm:

Lego dimensions: simpsons level set
Lego dimensions: scooby doo team set
Lego dimensions: cragger fun set (lego chima)

Unlocked plenty of new content with those, but they're hella pricey.


A new Sony multi-region blu-ray player. It arrived a few days ago but I set it up today. I plan on watching the Criterion blu-ray of 'The Hidden Fortress' first to check the multi-region part works.


Received today, from UP1:
Baccano!: Collector's Edition Blu-ray
Danganronpa - The Animation: Complete Series Collection (Blu-ray)


Rashomon: Criterion Collection [Region A Blu-ray]
The Ice Storm: Criterion Collection [Region A Blu-ray]
World God Only Knows OVA'S [Region A Blu-ray]


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Received my Battles Without Honour and Humanity Blu-Ray box set from Arrow. Good god it's a gorgeous release.


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It sure is, i've received mine on Thursday. Great box, nice art book. Hope to get to watch the movies in before the end of the year :)


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I thought given I am posting in the game section now I should say what games I acquired!

► September 2015:
◄ Humble Bundle
> Puzzle Agent
> Puzzle Agent 2
> Terraria
> The Walking Dead - Season 1
> The Walking Dead - 400 Days
> The Walking Dead - Season 2

► October 2015:
◄ Steam
> Mitos.is (free)

◄ XBox 360
> Halo Reach
> Halo 3
> Halo 4

► November 2015:
◄ Steam
> Portal
> Portal 2

◄ Humble Bundle
> Civilization V: Complete Edition (was the cheapest way to get the DLCs and expansions ^_^;)

► My comments:
With the September acquisitions there was a sweet deal going on where there were massive discounts and they got better if you bundled them.
All dates are also based on when I redeemed the codes on Steam, not the date of purchase (akin my anime acquisitions).
This however means there's two games still "in my inventory" that are up in the air on whether they'll join my collection. (Yay package deals)

The XBox 360 games were gifted to me and whilst I haven't had time to play them yet I surely am very hype about playing these myself.
Just not sure when I'll be able to play them because my brother dominates the Eggs Box £3.60 all the time.
Haven't really had time to play any of the other games we have in house here. :C
I should really just go sit downstairs in my winter break during the nighttime and play some stuff. :3

There also is a Steam sale going on at the moment which may lead to a few more acquisitions.
Actually I am pretty convinced I will be acquiring at least 2 more games that are 80% off.
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