What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Magical Girl
Not bad for £16.



AUKN Staff
Today's arrivals come from the price mishap from Amazon so both of these were going for about 80% off from its SRP than it should.


Sword Art Online: Alicization Part 1 collector's edition Blu-ray has nice artwork though the overall result is quite disappointing. I didn't like the gloss effect used in SAO II and they brought it back for this set which once again ruins the artwork a fair bit. You can view more photos and specs on my blog.


Tamako Market & Love Story collector's edition Blu-ray on the other hand is a really nice set. While I disagree with its SRP, there's a fair bit of value with this package. Booklet is a lot more detailed than I had expected. These are also using the 2020 Sentai discs and thus can be played on US region. You can view more photos and specs on my blog.


my Tamako arrived, but horrible damaged.

Amazon is sending me a new one, and told me to dispose of the one I received so I'll be selling a damaged Tamako CE set in a few days


Combat Butler
Tamako Market is from the Amazon mis-price. Couldn’t say no to £16.33 for a double dip. I dropped it during simulcast, then picked up Sentai’s standard blu-rays with the intent of giving it a second chance, but never got round to it. 8E24AAF1-035E-40D0-A2A2-E24D9D84D129.jpeg


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
My copy of SAO from the Amazon price error arrived, as well as my Ouran High School Host Club phone stand from the recent pale tone line. Was originally going to pick a keyring or something, but all these dorks are too cute and I like the image of them all together. ElWF-geXEAAfxvQ.jpeg