What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Girls with Guns

Dragon Knight
Received these four from rightstuf yesterday - Nausicaa and Kiki's Steelbooks, Ride your Wave, and Cyborg 009 SDBD:


awadama fever

Za Warudo
With Weiss cards, do you need to say in one franchise (like Love Live) or can you use cards from Love Live, Revue Starlight ect
I’ve never actually played the game (I only collect them), but apparently it can be either.

It looks like the main way of official organised play restricts you to a single series, but there’s another way that lets you go wild and have whatever mix you want.

I suppose if you were playing informally or with friends, you could go with the latter approach and have an out of control Love Live/Jojo/Monogatari/Batman/Adventure Time combo deck 😅


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Did your Danmachi come with a digital download code? Trying to figure out if I'm unlucky or Manga done fu**ed up and forgot FunimationNow don't have the streaming rights...
Also no it does not. I mean it makes sense why they don't have it, if they wanting to use Funimation now and not like google movies or something but yep, ooops!
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