What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

The Samurai Champloo steelbook is so nice! And I didnt realise it was coming with some art cards so that's a nice extra. I've never seen Quintessential Quintuplets so no idea if the shikishi is a good one to get but she looks like the moody one from the box cover.

Some will be jealous you got Nino :)

Kinda jealous too seeing all these Quintessential Quintuplets sets posted , as UP1 still hasn’t shipped my copy yet, as it’s being held until Kyo Kara Maoh season 3 arrives so they can ship it together.
Nice cheap eBay pickup. Been wanting to watch this for a while. Gotta find the other three volumes first now, though...

I was thinking of Titan after the 4th season maybe but it’s manga that gets it. Perhaps MVM should announce a planned steel book now and keep the hype up having us guessing what got the treatment