What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

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I received my copy of Zoku Owarimonogatari in the mail today from Rightstuf, on release day. So now I'm finally all caught up with every AoA release of the monogatari series.



Aniplex of America Complete Series:
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I got swift kick to balls this morning on import duty for the mega sd £53 from Dhl.its mega cd on a fpga+arm cpu chip so it a clone the uses iso files.
Ouch. Pity they ship from Andorra, while in Europe they aren't in the EU.

The Mega SD is great as it also works as an Everdrive.

If I was going the FPGA route I'd probably build a MISTer though.


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Well, my SSSS.GRIDMAN arrived damage. Because in their infinite wisdom, Manga UK decided to glue the slimmer extras box to the heavier rigid box, so naturally it got crushed, and the art cards insides warped. Then, I noticed this chip on the actual CE:




Guess I'll have to contact AOL about a replacement...


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SSSS.GRIDMAN from Manga Entertainment has arrived from MVM's Anime-on-Line as part of their 20% off sale. Interesting that the UK replica comes with a slipcover for the amaray case whereas the US version's LE does not. Once again Manga does not use the LE artwork on the amaray case but outside of that everything else is exactly the same. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.

Girls with Guns

Nice to see the Aria Kickstarter shipments overseas are finally arriving! I received my 3rd Season Blu-ray to complete my set just a few weeks ago, here in the US.
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