What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Managed to pick up the other package! - It was the one from SecondSpin, but was ordered through Amazon marketplace, I took the chance of ordering them, since the prices was sooo cheap compared to their own site. Which seemed too good to be true. The 4Ks were around $13 each 😮
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It still completely puzzles me, when the amazon markeplace offers of sellers are more cheap than their own site's offers, when Amazon fees dimish the already smaller price even further.
(Still remember how MVM had FSN UBW like 15 or something cheaper on Amazon than their own site. But the Amazon marketplace listing had no international shipping.)


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Received this from Zoom having used their 20% off code.

Also became the owner of an unfortunate grey customs slip for my recent purchase from the JB HIFI 2 for 1 deal. My last order got through unscathed so I wasn’t expecting to be lucky twice.


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Everything i received in the last three weeks. Unfortunately My Hero Academia has a little dent on one top corner, although it was packaged well.





Poor little monkey gets to visit a workshop instead of what used to be her dad’s house...
It's ok, 90% of my house is still either pink, fluffy or Barbie.🐹🐰🦄
@Patient-X I have the same cutters! I’ve still not taken them out of the packaging, but I’ve got them sitting there, just looking at me. 🙃
I tried them earlier and they're so much better than my previous ones 👍
@Aaron and @Patient-X - time for a Gunpla cutter bro-fist 👊😎
Health and safety may not approve, wouldn't want to get stabbed by nippers 😂

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Silver Spoon Season 1 Collector's Edition from All the Anime.


Interesting thing about this release is that they use the warning screens used for Aniplex of Japan releases and Aniplex of America releases, yet they authored the discs locally (I'm guessing they used the same team that authored Amanchu and the first Code Geass film) as Aniplex of America's release was DVD only. Also, the subtitles are locked during playback but the OP and ED are not subtitled.
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