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So, at the behest of someone here, after seeing my GitS collection photo and suggesting I get this Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. DVD and Log Book set to add to my GitS haul, I went ahead and picked one up. It's basically a hardcover book with a DVD hub embedded in the front cover, stored inside a side-load cardboard slipbox. The book is really nice and includes a heavy vinyl bookcover. It's too bad this log book only covers the first 19 episodes of the series. I guess there were 4 Log book sets released in Japan, two for each SAC and 2nd Gig, but only the first SAC log ever released here in English.




And some Pics of the internal pages of the book:

Table of Contents

Interview Pages

Character Profiles and Episode Lists

Episode Pages

Weapon Drawings and Details

A member of another anime forum just sold me his two still-sealed GitS S.A.C. OVA Blu-rays, Laughing Man and Individual Eleven, which I had never bothered to pick up - so I already have 3 more titles to add to my current GitS group photo:

My Complete Ghost in the Shell Blu-ray & DVD Collection - 33 titles
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Gundam bliss from amazon jp. I got the package on Friday:
- Gundam 0079 S1/S2 Complete Bluray Box
- Chars Counter Attack UHD Limited Bluray Box
- F91 UHD Limited Bluray Box
Those sets are all beautiful in their minimalism. Still holding out hope AL will be able to do UHD for CCA and F91 since they haven't released those yet.