What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

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They arrived safe and sound! :D For some reason the package went through the same sorting facility thrice, arrived a day late and was (externally) in quite a bad state. DHL even used "repacked" tape to cover some tears on the side, so I was really holding my breath for what I would find inside. Not sure if the Newtype volume did the trick, but in any case I'm 100% sold on this way of packing.

Yep, my last DHL package from Amazon JP (six pages back) looked like It was run over by a truck, but the contents were safe inside as well because of the Newtype Magazine helping ensure plank-in-the-box packing... although two thick LE sets together like that would most likely get shipped in a box anyway, even without the magazine - but why risk chancing it? Imagine what you would have ended up with if those had been in a bubble mailer bag instead! Glad to see the magazine trick working so well for others... :)


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On the left there is the older edition of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, that the price are in "Lire" (the previous currency in Italy)
And the second manga is (obviously xD) Food Wars, yesterday have arriveded from 9 to 15, but... The postman instead of call left the box in front of the door and yesterday it was raining.... Result: many volumes "got water" (I don't know if it's correct) and I'm really mad about this :mad::rolleyes:


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recent arrivals


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Had to go pick this up as I didn't get the dispatch email til after they attempted delivery the other day so didn't know it was coming >_>


So uh, could some Gundam aficionado tell me where this should be placed in relation to the other sets? I mean I'm pretty sure it's a prequel so is putting it first reasonable?