What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Ranger Ryu

Using the last of my birthday money


Za Warudo
ilmaestro said:
Mangaranga said:
Can't believe it took me this long to work out the singer is Mio's VA from K-On!. It's wasn't until the second track that I noticed.
But her name's right there on the front... :p
I knew her name, I just didn't realise that she voiced Mio :D
Love her voice.


New Exhaust Muffler for my car


1st Muffler

New Muffler

Have to say, i'm thoroughly impressed with the upgrades to my car. Later this year when i buy either an Audi A4 or a Ford Fiesta 12 plate i'll be sure to change things as soon as possible... Its better to be different than simply be the same as everyone else.


wasn't able to upload this since I was away.

Anyhow what I got from Mononoke's boy friend


now how do I tag this like in Facebook :p
DKC: Returns is the third game I've bought in Nintendo's "So Many Games!" promotion and will entitle me to a free copy of Animal Crossing next month. Huzzah! Patlabor arrived from DVDPacific just a week after they sent it. I saved more than a fiver over buying it from a UK importer. Again I say huzzah!



Pokémon Master
Aha! Was it you who got the last copy of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on Blu-ray from the United Publications stall Mangaranga? :p

Small haul for me this expo:

That Dusk Maiden cover art is so good. All Sentai's covers are great, actually, free as they are of useless junk.

Ath, my good man, are you going to show us the goodies inside NISA's latest? Seeing that all shrinkwrapped must be how some people feel when they see an unpopped fried egg yolk...


Pokémon Master
Sure, why not ;)



The book's filled with interviews and some lovely art. This is my first NISA purchase and I'm quite impressed!

Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
Oh my god....Words cannot describe how happy I am right now...
(I asked him to write the 'see you space cowboy..', he seemed to like that ha. Apologies for the quick mobile pic...)
Now to get it framed!


Za Warudo
Expooooooo Part 2:
I was pretty lucky that despite buying the second Fate/Zero Visual book yesterday, Japan Centre managed to magic up a copy of the first one today.



God it's annoying to get these things to stand up, but they are adorable.
Ath said:
The book's filled with interviews and some lovely art. This is my first NISA purchase and I'm quite impressed!
Ah, I remember that feeling. My first thought upon receiving Toradora was "wow, this is amazing". My second was "where the hell am I gonna put this thing?!".

Nice shot of the female lead's feet =D

I love the signed Bebop poster, too. Times like this I wish I wasn't such a reclusive, anti-social bastard.

Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
chaos said:
Ninja boy - oh, you're around again. I was at Expo too and also managed to get my CB boxset signed up =)
Aha yeah! It's been a while. I only started hitting back the forums like the past month haha.

BY ANY CHANCE...did you go to the Zelda Orchestra on Thursday!?