What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Za Warudo
Just over 4 weeks since dispatch and she finally arrives... Goddammit Yesasia.


Za Warudo
animefreak17 said:

i thought ps3 was locked
The PS3 is only region locked when it comes to Bluray and DVD playback (Region B/2)
For games it's not. (Other than Persona 4 Arena, but I seriously don't care anymore)



Picked this up from work today from our blue X sale, all new except for book of eli, Brake and Lady in the water =3 I started LA Noire when it first came out but never finished it and didn't own it so thought I would pick up the complete collection.

Natsumes Book of Friends Premium Collection 1 DVD and I thought appropriately to take with this to lovelies that turned up this week Natsume Yuujinchou San DXF Figure Natori Shuuichi and Natsume Takashi (really nice for prize figures)

Rest of the items I have had over the last few days =3 Can't wait to start watching some of these -even if I have tones of other stuff that I still haven't watched yet XD


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
A friend of mine went to SunnyCon and got one of my Madoka Magica posters signed by Cristina Vee (Homura). It finally arrived today.


Student Council President
I got myself a new mp3 player (Cowen iAudio 9), a new point and shoot to go between my phone and my DSLR (a Nikon Coolpicx S3300, bargin at £66) and lastly I got a set of Close-up lenses for my DSLR (they sort of make your normal say 18-50mm lens into a macro.

x10 magnification on this one:

It means you can use a normal zoom lens to take shots like this with out the need to buy a £500 macro lens (Even though I really want one, but cant afford one):

That's the giggly boobed figurine of Ohno that originally came with something like volume 8 of the Japanese Genshiken manga that only stands at just under 5cm tall.

One not just focused on her norgs:



Ohno should get a damn refund on that towel, or have we perfected the "see-though clothes" lens on cameras now? You can see her nipples in that 1st "jug shot." XD


Student Council President
Ironically in the manga and anime the scene in the bath house / hot tub its based on you see less than on that.

It's actually a pretty thick towel too:


Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
Have recently been addicted to collecting artbooks...
Got two new books from Japan!
adding to my Inoue Takehiko collection is the Slam Dunk Illustrations artbook,
and Yoshihiro Togashi's artbook for Yu Yu Hakusho.
Both are amazing.


Ooooohhhh parcel force just brought me this really big sized box YAY

And this beauty is what is inside the massive box XD I can't wait to open him up and take some pictures, will have to wait till tomorrow though =3
DRAMAtical Murder - Ren - Seragaki Aoba - 1/7 (Max Factory)

These weren't in the same box these came yesterday =3
Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena - Shujinkou and Hanamura Yousuke Prize figures (Taito)


Dannielle said:
Ranger Ryu said:

Is First Squad any good? Seen it around for a pretty good price online.
I've seen it, and well... it's bizarre but has it's quirks. It's all subbed, so if you're a slow reader, probably not your forte.
If you can get it cheap, it's an okay watch. Confusing at times (most of which is explained later in the film), but not bad.