What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Combatants arrived this morning, I'm not surprised there isn't any slipcover as CrunchyUK has done away with them but something of notice is that it has its own amaray as opposed to the standard UK release being in there which is new for CrunchyUK if I'm correct. Did come with the extras box as well but that isn't pictured.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! (Limited Edition) (BD / DVD)

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Well I'll give them credit for actually using the LE artwork for once, but the fact that the BBFC logos are on there is still dumb. This won't be an issue with titles that don't use unique artwork though like Slime.


I'veen reorganizing my messy appartment and this is just temporarily solution for these figurines but at least i got to unbox them and put them somewhere. Some are more recent purchases than others.


I'm holding off buying a proper place for my figurines until black friday, to see if Ikea has 50 % shipping discount or big discount's otherwise on things that i want to buy.


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New arrivals!






It happened, I am the owner of Motoko Kusanagi in version 1/4. She is beautiful. The number of details is really huge. Its representation is stunning. Additionally, heavy, almost 5 kg. The whole thing comes in parts that have magnets and that's how we put it together. It makes a great impression. I have not seen a more beautiful figurine. This is truly amazing. I look at it every now and then, because it is so quoted. I put off a bit from the start of the pre-order, so it wasn't that hard to buy. Is it overpriced? Probably so. But in terms of workmanship, details and the whole design, you can really see the price and the effort put into it, so there is nothing to compare it to the others in the 1/4 version. This is a different league of performance and design. I am glad that I decided to buy it because it is so beautiful. More photos on my blog.






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In those cases where you are supposed to remove the extras box for the other part, I just put the extras box inside a plastic box protector to keep it from getting crushed, and sit it on the shelf next to the chipboard box. I also have a big plastic tub that I store a lot of that extras crap from my releases in, I can toss it in there if I want, too.

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It is not English friendly, I only bought it because of the nice packaging 😄

Arrow has been strongly hinting a Bruce Lee 4K collection as Jon said. On their 2022 "hint-list", they teased a "BL box" and an insider has confirmed they are working on a HK 4K box. With Mediumrare's going OOP in the last year, I'd say chances are that Arrow has picked them up. However, there's no saying when it releases. Not only did it not have a hinted month, but their Shawscope vol. 2 was pushed back by five months.

And yes, I'll be getting Arrow's box too. To add to my Shout Legacy Collection, Criterion box set, JP 4K, along with three seperate Enter the Dragon releases.
I had a feeling it was Arrow but wasnt 100%, would explain the radio silence as the had a huge management and schedule reshuffle and doubt they want to go up against other 'big ticket' releases in Q4 like Police Story, Infernal Affairs and their own Shawscope Vol.2.