What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Za Warudo
I had a look to see if they had volumes 2 to 4 of first of the North Star they had none of them.
Waiting on my LCS to get volume 3 in myself, it's incorrectly listed on Diamond(nothing new) and I already have 4. Diamond are a terrible company unfortunately they have a monopoly on the direct comics market, stuff is constantly incorrectly listed especially stating reprints are new releases. And they have a no returns policy so the stores end up stuck with stock that won't sell.


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May 2022 Batch 10!


The Funimation limited edition release of HINAMATSURI finally arrived via United Publications (£40 total inc. postage). A nice set overall to an under-rated anime series. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.
My current Lupin VHS collection (UK releases only), just missing The Gold of Babylon, The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure and The Secret of Twilight Gemini (the latter two are the same as the DVD releases I own put out by MVM)

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That is so nostalgic. I owned all of those at one point, even the Western Connection Fuma Conspiracy with the mistimed subtitles. Really want that on Blu-ray, c'mon Discotek.

This version of Mamo has all four dubs produced, including the lively Manga UK one that wasn't on their own DVD.

Lum the Forever is a film I haven't watched in 25 years or more. I don't know if it will make any more sense now than it did then, but I can at least appreciate the visuals. UY never looked better.

And some manga:

It had been ages since I bought the second Hellsing omnibus and the last Nagata Kabi book.

Jon O Fun

Death Scythe
Arrived from the 88films sale.
It's actually a really nice steelbook but the sleeve is one of those really cheep looking thin sideloaders.
A nice steelbook but NO ONE should be paying £30 for it for what you get!
A big miss step for 88, should've been priced at £20 max on release but on sale now for £15 which I would recommend.



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Oooh I’ve been dithering over whether to buy these or not, I’ve already got the AL season one and PC season two so it’s an expensive double dip but seeing this might push me over the edge. I’ve also got no way of adding subtitles until I get a new optical drive for my pc as well as actually learning how to do it lol.
These two sets are absolutely gorgeous. I personally think they're much better looking than the PC sets, which look ugly in comparison.

If it helps, apparently the AL season one was a pretty bad encode compared to the US/JP sets and had banding/blocking. The set also had subtitle issues, See this link: Link