What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Picked this one up today, I thought I might as well since it has the new Shonen Jump logo.

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Feel old yet?


Why, yes, I feel old, seeing as I will turn 61 next month... That should make most of you on here actually feel pretty young, lol. ;)

Incidentally, the next-door neighbor couple finally came over to watch some anime last night, so I fired up the popcorn machine, and we pounded down a few drinks while we watched... Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I showed them the first 6 episodes last night, and their jaws were already dropping, haha! They said they would be over again tonight to finish the series, they are so anxious to see more! :cool: 👍


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May 2022 Batch 6!





After visiting City Screen Picturehouse York for the first time (to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once), I then went to check out the shops in York and only left with more manga from Travelling Man. This time we have 9 larger-sized volumes for £86 because some of these have higher SRPs but more volume content. That said, all were part of the 3 for 2 Viz Media deal.

Starting this batch we have Riku Sanjo's Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Volume 1, the Shonen Jump original series based on Square Enix's Dragon Quest franchise that ran back in 1989 until 1996. Viz Media will be releasing the series based on the 2020 Japanese re-release so it will compile all 37 volumes into 25 omnibus type books (basically like JoJo so it's 1.5-ish content).

Next we have Tetsuo Hara's Fist of the North Star Volume 2, the 1983-88 classic series that Viz is releasing based on the 2013 Japanese re-release I believe so it will compile 37 volumes into 18 omnibus type books (also like JoJo).

It took a while but Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Volumes 1, 2 & 3 have finally been picked up. Another classic Shonen Jump series from 1989-1992. The English re-release (as Viz did release the individual volumes a decade ago) is based on the 2014 JoJonium Japanese release so it'll compile 16 volumes into 10 omnibus type books.

Then we go back to more older manga volumes that I bought from years ago now finally being continued! First we have Naoki Urasawa's Monster Volumes 2 & 3, which compiles the individual volumes 3-6 in the series. I first bought Volume 1 back in May 2015 so it has been a long time since, but now I'm trying to get this series completed!

And last but not least is Naoki Urasawa's Pluto Volumes 5 & 6 which is pretty good timing if you just saw my last haul post. There's now two volumes left to collect before it's completed so I'm happy about that. Much like Volumes 2-4, these two were also reprinted in August 2021 so they have kept the old logos than use the new ones.

Overall a good haul! I did have to get less because there wasn't much to choose from in terms of the volumes available and the prices for these books are higher than a regular £7.99 Shonen Jump title. While it's always great to get more new series, it's just as important to wrap up the ones you own already and especially now we're in the current climate where volumes can go out of print at any point or go out of stock for a long time due to increased demand on physical manga (which is ironic considering digital is more preferred nowadays).








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Finally from Blackwell's. Word of warning they use Hermes (now Evri) or rather they use Whistl who used Hermes. Notification said "posted through letterbox" and I thought to myself "Vagabond is too big to go through the letterbox" and sure enough it was on the doorstep. Luckily wind wasn't blowing into my door so it didn't get wet.
Possible spoilery front cover for Vagabond:



Magical Girl

note: I've decided to switch it up with "drop" to "arrival". In slang terms it had a very unique meaning 🙃
「week start ver.」


Had to order this as an alternative. A Amazon seller messed up my Switch counterpart by sending a Day One Edition instead of Collector's Edition 😒 (as seen in the previous post)
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Would've preferred not but the sticker is on the cardboard slip cover 👎 (hoping it'll peel off nicely)

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The Aus age certifacte sticker might not be too bad, the last Aus one I got was BOFURI and it was kinda a lamentated (or shiny) sticker and that came off no problem (Although would still advise being carfull). I find stickers become more problematic the longer they have been stuck on (I assume the glue degrades or absorbs into the paper sticker)
I assume Nekopara is just identical to the US relaese (from what I've seen looks identical to mine except for the AUS stickers)

I've had more problems from US funimation sticker (which you have on the front of the slip cover), they always tear as I take them off but I usually manage to get them off (just takes a while and then a bit of extra time too remove the sticker residue)


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I assume Nekopara is just identical to the US relaese (from what I've seen looks identical to mine except for the AUS stickers)
All Australian "Madman" Releases with SKU starting with 07 or 7 are just stickered Funimation stock.
Very few releases like MHA LE got discs replaced with Region B copies (as MHA was Region A only in the US).

The upcoming MHA S3 standard edition would be the first standard edition with a 07 or 7 SKU that uses different stock (as the US release doesn't include DVD copies and was Region A only)

However Madman Releases starting with SKU 9 are AU exclusive stock and thus have printed ratings.
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