What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Got my lush star hoodie in pink, purple and blue from Amazon it's honestly so nice and a bargain at £16 :) Also Fist of the North Star Complete Series SD-BD, I'm sad that they didn't dub the whole series as the dub's actually really good fun. Ah well, at least they included all the episodes that were dubbed in dub and sub on this Blu-ray (I love how much effort Discotek make with stuff like that) :)

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I received four titles from Rightstuf today, and one from the AlltheAnime Easter Sale:

Only Yesterday steelbook
Tale of Princess Kaguya steelbook
Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars
Song of the Sea
(for free shipping)

Black Lagoon Collector's Edition (pristine replacement 🥳 for first copy damaged in shipping)


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Let me second that thickness remark on Sinners of the System - it's a Xtra thicc, love that thing and thicc

in general

yes, so







Lupin hype and such. Getting ready for Koike's OVAs wink wink AL

Violet Evergarden FOMO hit me too late and so I ended up snoozing and losing as it were - only got the movie and have the series on the way, which I had to painfully pay full price.

Fruits Basket S2 is also on the way, to help with my pseudo-not-actually-but-kinda-in-a-sense-OCD

And then Batman TAS and Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool.


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April 2022 Batch 5!


It took a number of years but I finally made the decision to order a bunch of Discotek Media Blu-rays which arrived today from Rightstuf. It wasn't cheap as it costed $243 (£186) and $90 of that cost went to shipping, customs and insurance.
This is the first of many that I plan to do throughout 2022, because there are a lot of acquire. As I mentioned before, Anime Limited tend to grab titles that Discotek have released which is why I held off on a lot of their titles, but I figured there's no point waiting forever. For this haul we have 6 anime titles on Blu-ray, all of them are encoded for Region A of course but they have been tested to ensure there are no dead discs.


Starting off with the 1991 shojo series Dear Brother. The series has a limited licensing window but I made sure it was among the first titles I would pickup. The first disc is a bit loose due to the Blu-ray case choice though.


Next is the cult classic 1987 & 1990 OVAs for Go Nagai's Devilman. The infamous English dub is included of course.


Then we have the 1998 series Devilman Lady, which is another Go Nagai title and was animated by TMS. The series is also known as Devil Lady. This one I am very interested in checking out since I don't hear much talk about this instalment of the Devilman franchise.


The 1995 anthology film Memories was also picked up! From Katsuhiro Otomo with Kōji Morimoto and Tensai Okamura also directing one of the stories. The film also includes an English dub (which sounds really damn good from the trailer) and revised subtitles.


More Go Nagai goodness with the 1994 OVA series New Cutie Honey, also known as New Cutey Honey. I watched the newer series Cutie Honey Universe when it first streamed, but I heard this one is the best of the bunch.


And last but not least we have the 1987-89 films for Saint Seiya! I did watch Netflix' CG remake as my entry point for the franchise but I knew it wasn't accurate. Then recently I played the Soldier's Soul game and was even more interested in the franchise. Would be cool if Discotek were able to release Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas on Blu-ray before they officially gave up on the franchise for the 3rd-4th time.


And here's each title on the shelf. Not much but as you can see, some of them do use the current 'curved' slipcase while the older releases use the original. Some titles reprinted do use the new slipcase layout though.


Also arrived today are more manga from Seven Seas and their Ghost Ship label, which is dedicated to their ecchi catalogue.

Those are the first two Omnibus volumes for Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight! (Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen) by Rui Takato (Devilman Grimoire) and the first two volumes for Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire? (Tamarowa) by Mikoto Yamaguchi (Tomodachi Game).




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I recieved one package from Korea today - it was definitely worth it to get these Korean Blu-ray releases just for the clean artwork, and side-load slipboxes instead of o-card slipcovers. These do include English subtitles:

The Place Promised in our Early Days/Voices of a Distant Star
5 Centimeter per Second
The Garden of Words

Front of Slipboxes:


Back of Slipboxes:

Slipbox Open Sides:

Garden of Words Blu-ray shown next to my Japanese B2 Poster of same: