What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Plunderer replacement/missing standee from the CE
The rest of Hero Academia to complete me up to season 4 and Black clover S3 pt3 with limited box (although not sure on my actual plan for this yet as I have the the Box from S2 (US) which I'm storing full season boxes 1 & 2 and 2 art books in). All from UP1

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Out of curiosity how did you acquire the standee for Plunderer?


Out of curiosity how did you acquire the standee for Plunderer?
I just contacted who I bought it from, so in my case UP1 (And it was the first they had heard of this problem, did also mention I had seen a few others on Anime forums who also had missing stands to give them an idea it sounds like funimation forgot for multiple sets so wasn't a one off) and they then contacted Funimation. And funimation orginally sent back a generic "we are aware of it and working on it" to UP1 and they forwarded that too me. And actually prett quick-ish after that they had recieved standee replacement stock and they just emailed me saying will send out tomorrow (but it is almost a month since release/ sending out, so that probably gave Funimation some time to get producing some standee).
Don't know if they just got one/for anyone who requested recently, or just got a box full for how ever many they bought in as stock

I just figured I would order some stuff with it and they can/could combine it in my order, especially as I was going to make that order sometime anyway, and save them having to pay extra for postage for a funimation error.

Also saw on here the odd people mention it, I wasn't even aware it was a problem at first as I hadn't gotten round to opening it. but if you ordered from MVM I think they just sent out replacements to anyone who bought it from them, which I saw WMD get, but was also the point where I realised I needed to check if mine had it missing (If I had to guess I assume they are all missing it)

We had a few customers contacting about missing the standee, so we contacted Funimation about it and they said it had gotten missed being put in. They sent us a batch, hence customers who ordered from us received it.
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Here is my Round 1 photos from my Batch #5 of Japanese B2 anime posters. This shipment was packaged into individual rectangular poster boxes with 4 posters per box, and then all shipped in one bigger box - so I don't have to randomly pull out four posters, just open one poster box per round.

I was especially excited to get the Children of the Whales poster, I've been wanting a Blu-ray release of this series so bad, but it looks like it is going to be in Netflix Jail forever. The Blood the Last Vampire poster is really nice, too.

Sword Art Online Alicization: War of Underworld 2019 Vol. 01 Blu-ray and DVD release poster.


Children of the Whales 2017 TV Broadcast release poster


The Heroic Legend of Arslan 2015 SME Visual Works promotional poster


Blood the Last Vampire 2000 Soundtrack CD promotional poster


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Whah! Everyone is getting their Haibane and Black Lagoon CEs now - I'm anxiously waiting on both from AOL to make it over here to me. Got notice that Haibane has shipped, at least.

I'd like to see some pics of both sides of the digipak inside Black Lagoon - some that are better than the ones they show us in the stock photos.


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Saw a friend I hadn't seen in a while today and he gave me his PS4 Pro for free as he has a PS5 now and I also bought his copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X off him as well as he doesn't play his Wii U anymore, I'd been meaning to pick up the game anyway before it sky rockets in price once the Wii U eshop closes, unless it's ported to Switch.

I can say I am pretty well chuffed with these.

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)