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Girls with Guns

Combat Butler
I received these two Collector's sets in the mail today; they were the last anime order I had placed in 2021. The seller had advertised both as being opened, but while he was getting them ready for shipping, he informed me he had noticed a substantial scuff mark on the Part 2 chipboard box, so he said he was shipping me a brand new copy of Part 2 instead. 👍

I picked these up for a bit less than what the pair originally retailed for, even though both parts are OOP now. I had long wanted to get these two sets even though I already owned the four Aniplex releases, because, you know, chipboard and digipaks, but after Part 1 went OOP a few years ago I had pretty much given up on ever getting them. This series is one of my three top favorite mecha series, along with Escaflowne and Kuromukuro, so that is why I don't mind double-dipping for these nice UK CE sets!

Special thanks goes out to João Gomes and oldmario for assisting me with tracking down a set I didn't have to pay a premium for! 🥳

Aldnoah.Zero UK Collector's Edition Part 1
Aldnoah.Zero UK Collector's Edition Part 2

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Combat Butler
I didn't even realize a deck of cards came with the Kakegurui order - can't wait to get mine, it's on it's way!

Did the UK set get the Netflix Dub, or the new Sentai Dub?
Sentai dub. Netflix are charging a lot of money for their dubs, obviously more than it costs to create an entirely new dub. Netflix are cooking the books to appear that they haven't recouped the dubbing cost on paper so they retain ownership and are then probably trying to charge the full cost of the dub, which is much higher than normal for Sentai as Netflix use Union actors.


Za Warudo
Had plenty of orders this week, well over my monthly budget for January...oops.


One Punch Man - Kaze. I have seen thisso many times that I thought I should own it. Never watched the OVAs looking forward to these. Book is pretty awesome!
Bungo Stray Dogs (S1, 2 & OVA) and Fairy Gone Parts 1 and 2 are blind buys because they were cheap.
A Certain Magical Index 2 and A Certain Scientifc Railgun S were around £10 a pop on ebay and i'd been thinking about finally watching them (only seen Index S1)


Major Dundee - Arrow release. 60s Western from Peckinpah starring Charlton Heston. Packaging is sublime. Never watched this.
Invasion USA - 88 Films. Chuck Norris taking on allcomers as they try to invade america over the holidays.
The Flying Guillotine - 88 Films. OOP Shaw Bros film. Watched and enjoyed Dragon Missile last week and this is its precursor, Looking forward to the insane action.
Black Magic 2 - 88 Films. Another SB movie. Got teh first one, thought it was batshit crazy at times. Hope this is more of the same.
Hell Night - 101 Films Black Label. 80s Horror/early slasher starring Linda Blair of Exorcist fame. OOP and managed to snag for £10 from my local HMV.
The New Kids - 101 Films Black Label. Excellent 80s school violence/crime thriller with James Spader as teh main antagonist,


「week midpoint ver.」

Huge thanks to @DragonBlaze67 for the STAR BLAZERS 2199 LE Part 1 set. Always able to find many OOP gems on their sale page 🔥

Collection almost up-to-date but just missing 2199 Part 2 Blu-ray (US release) so will continue the hunt 🏹
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「week end ver.」

🎆 First Package Drop post for 2022 🎇

SMTV (Switch) Kindan no Nahobino BOX w/ Exclusive amiami Bonus


Almost giving into insanity, finally after the long wait we have finally got this high stakes gem. Shame they didn't release an Ultimate Edition rather than Blood-C (which I believe doesn't really deserve that treatment but oh well)



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