What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Initially I dropped Index III as it was all over the place regarding (re-)introducing characters. But when I rewatched the first two seasons of Index and then the third season right after, it made much more sense. Guess it was to long ago I watched the earlier seasons ... or I’m just getting old ;)

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I never cared for Index or Railgun, I got the Blu-rays for the first seasons of both years ago on a blind buy, watched a few episodes, and ended up selling them off right away. Did the same thing with Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, So I can't Play H, Haganai, and Maken Ki!, all within a single month... I don't do nearly as many blind buys anymore after having to dump so many titles at once, lol. I didn't have any access to streaming back then; now I do, so I can preview series much more readily.
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Upgrades! I can finally retire my old VHS tapes of El Hazard, and I've never seen the sequel.

I only owned the start of Orguss on DVD thanks to that weird print-on-demand Imaginasian release where you got the box with the first volume and then the later volumes just came in paper sleeves. It went out of print in a few months, so I only had the first two volumes.