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Grav's End Harem
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December Week 3 Part 2 of the haul, or at least whatever turned up between Wednesday-Saturday.

Got a few packages arrive during Thursday & Friday so let's go over them in order.



First up we have some more light novels because I didn't pick any up for a while. I decided to get Monster Girl Doctor up-to-date because the price was just about right to grab them altogether. So what we have are Volumes 6, 7 & 8 as well as the prequel Monster Girl Doctor Zero, so effectively the English volumes are up-to-date as I said!



Next we have more manga volumes, also up-to-date in terms of English releases for those specific titles. Those being The Dungeon of Black Company Volume 6, Hitomi-chan is Shy with Strangers Volume 2, and World's End Harem: Fantasia Volumes 4 & 5. All of these were released this year, so expect more volumes next year as per usual. The original plan was to conclude Destiny Lovers and World's End Harem Part 1 but the volumes were either SRP level pricing or wouldn't arrive in time.


Then we have a package from Terracotta Distribution with Nobuhiko Obayashi's Anti-War Trilogy limited edition Blu-ray box set from Third Window Films. This covers Casting Blossoms to the Sky (Kono Sora no Hana: Nagaoka Hanabi Monogatari, この空の花 長岡花火物語), Seven Weeks (No no nanananoka, 野のなななのか), and Hanagatami (花筐). It's a really nice set and the discs do have some extras (not a lot because remember these films are quite long). You can view more photos/specs on my blog.


The next day we have Neon Genesis Evangelion from Anime Limited in its ultimate edition Blu-ray box set glory. The set is large but was smaller than I had imagined, it's basically just a bit taller than the Perfect Blue ultimate edition. I knew there were reports about damage to the discs, and I can confirm that my package is fine, no sign of any marks and all 11 discs worked without issue. Also despite Khara being strict, these discs are Region A & B as well as offering unlockable subtitles (as spotted by some folks, the instrumental version of FMTTM is still there in Episode 15 of the ADV dub).

You can view more photos/specs on my blog - I didn't optimise the images due to being in a rush to watch No Way Home so enjoy the 4K HDR photos.


Next we have Dai Shogun: Great Revolution from MVM Entertainment. It's been a while since I bought a fanservice show like this so I figured why not. I forgot it was a one disc release lol.


Then we have Nichijou: My Ordinary Life from Funimation UK in a limited edition Blu-ray package. I ordered the set from United Publications because it was cheaper than Anime-on-Line at £39 overall. The box is bigger than it needs to be, but the overall package is very good. Nice to finally own the series on Blu-ray. You can view more photos/specs on my blog.

Girls with Guns

Za Warudo
And, I received yet two more of the Studio Ghibli Collector's Edition digipak sets on Friday 12/16, from Amazon.co.uk. I am now finally caught back up with all 13 of the currently available Ghibli CE digipaks, after Studiocanal released 6 new titles just within the past two months!

heheh, I combined both sets in the photo shoot to cut down on the number of photos this time:

Kiki's Delivery Service Collector's Edition
Whisper of the Heart Collector's Edition





João Gomes

Vampire Ninja
Exclusive footage of yours truly on unboxing day (one sausage=one release)


It is I, your animu knight, on his single-handed crusade to save the UK home video anime industry, 10 titles at a time 🛡







Not pictured is the Evangelion UE which I received as well but will only open on Christmas eve.

I am a hoarder, can't help myself. That's the ugly truth. With that said...