What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

João Gomes

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Has anyone received their Berserk DE 9 yet? I wanna say there's something weird happening with the release date (again) but I don't see a lot of talk about it...

Seems to be in stock in the US.

Girls with Guns

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Anxiously waiting for someone to drop pics of the UK Evangelion Ultimate Edition in here! So many people are expecting to get their sets today - Let's see the insides of that bad boy... 🤤

It's 2 AM here, so I'm gonna head to bed now, and when I get up in the morning, I expect to see some photos! :cool:

João Gomes

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Yeah, got it the week it was released from my local comic shop.

Urgh. Thanks.

Amazon DE had a date for me up until a couple of days before I was supposed to get it and then they stopped having it and so now I'm just waiting indefinitely.

I don't know if this is just massively popular but I've had problems with delivery dates with just about every volume, I think. Even bookdepository takes a considerable amount of time after ordering.


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So the Eva UE arrived, I can say it's a very nicely produced set in terms of the art used and certainly has quite the presence.


It even fits within the Ikea kallax! Which is great

unfortunately, one of the discs is pretty badly scratched with others having much lighter scratches (along with fingerprints but not too much of a concern there) so Check Your Set!

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Such a pretty box.