What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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I think there are certain items that they are awating stock and Konosuba and gurren Lagann are one of them (Probably others but there the 2 I think I know of).
Gurren Lagann was in stock at the end of the sale, but I did see it drop to OOS at one point and then change back to in stock (it actually happened with a few BOGOF tiles), so that why I think they are awaiting stock.
I have had some orders dispatched that are just partial dispatch (so minus 1 title).
Nah.. None of my bogoffs have been sent.. Im referring to my biggest order...
Of £340..none were bogoff... All were in stock etc.... That was day 1..not a single item sent... I have message them... No responce either

Girls with Guns

I received a few new titles from the UK last Thursday and yesterday; Thursday 9/12 I received one from AOL and two from Amazon UK:

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled OVA Series - Limited Edition
Princess Mononoke - Collector's Edition digipak set
Porco Rosso - Collector's Edition digipak set

And yesterday 13/12 I received a replacement from Zavvi for an order that got lost in the mail and never arrived:

Earwig and the Witch - Collector's Edition digipak set



Below are a few closeup images of the slipbox, digipak art, and art cards for the Ghibli CE's, for those interested:

Princess Mononoke CE Images
Front of Slipbox
Inside of Digipak
Outside of Digipak
Five Art Cards

Porco Rosso CE Images
Front of Slipbox
Inside of Digipak
Outside of Digipak
Five Art Cards

Earwig and the Witch CE Images
Front of Slipbox
Inside of Digipak
Outside of Digipak
Five Art Cards


Grav's End Harem
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December Week 3 Part 1 of the haul, or at least whatever turned up between Monday-Tuesday.

Just one package this time which managed to arrive today.


It's been a while since I've actually ordered some regular films for once. I have been meaning to expand the 4K Ultra HD collection for ages, but never had the opportunity due to funding issues for most of these years.

Since I wanted to get 1917 for my Dad, Zavvi was also doing an offer on 3 for £30 titles so I figured I would bundle 1917 with 3 films from that offer. I chose Ready Player One as I enjoyed the film at the cinema and its visual presentation would work well for the format. Then we have Spider-Man: Far From Home to slowly get the MCU titles and prep for the next. And for something that I haven't watched before, I finally got TENET - which is edited in the UK release to get a 12 rating but honestly there's no point spending twice as much for those extra few seconds of a women getting beaten up.


School Idol
Another for the Nichijou LE.

In addition to the series and the included 6 art cards, an art book is included which has some art not featured elsewhere in the set (art cards, box art or slipcover/blu-ray art) along with a short episode list and some character art. Both the art cards and art book are packaged in an extras box not shown here.

Girls with Guns

I received two more Japanese imports on Monday 13 December, these were titles that I had sitting in my "Save for Later" queue on Amazon JP for at least five years, and I finally decided to pick them up, although from a different retailer. Both of these JP releases include English subtitles:

Blue Submarine No.6 Blu-ray Box
From Up On Poppy Hill - Yokohama Special Edition [First Press Limited]

Blue Submarine No. 6 I had been wanting to get all these years specifically for the Range Murata art work. It includes an art booklet and an extras disc with two interviews on it, in Japanese only.

I didn't realize the Poppy Hill Yokohama Special Edition had the same blue digipack in it that I already have in my JP Studio Ghibli silhouette series collection, I thought it was going to be a chipboard boxset. But, it does also include a thin slipbox storing a second Blu-ray with extra features: (storyboard, script for dubbing, Aoi Teshima Live in nicofarre, music video by Aoi Teshima, press conference, event footage and trailers (all Japanese only) along with a Movie Location Tour Guide and Map of Yokohama where the movie takes place, which shows visitors where to find some of the locations in real life. From Up on Poppy Hill is actually one of my Top 5 favorite Ghibli movies, so I guess I don't mind so much that I got a second copy of the digipak.

Sorry for so many photos, but I had decided to do a small photo spread for each set for the blu-ray.com anime forum, and just copied it over here.