What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Cheers, I've seen them around, may have even order some other cases from them before. But yeah they do look the best bet, so may well order that 10 set or maybe a 5 depending how many I may think I will use and have left over as spares for those occasions when they arrive broken.
EDIT: Pretty sure these are the same people but via an amazon store with some varying amounts and number of discs they hold, should you need more or differnt disc count.
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From rubber dome mush boards that stop working every one in a while on boot requiring reconnection to a mechanical red switch keyboard that has garbage anti-ghosting, and now to my cheapest mechanical keyboard (thanks to it being discounted along with an extra £7 voucher) with blue switches and the ability to hold down more then two keys without it freaking out.

We also have another sample of Amazon doing things stupidly with the address label stuck on the box (which I'm not throwing out since it's now storing the HP keyboard) and having what I call a herpies moment as from what I was told it was left on the doorstep in the rain.

The next step for this keyboard will be to have it's keys replaced (once I can get some pudding keycaps).


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are they sending real Viva cases now? last time i looked on ebay their feedback was complaining about being bait and switched with low quality cases
The ones I received some months ago now appear to match the cases I’ve received in the past from Sentai and Funi releases.