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Week 4 of the haul, or at least whatever turned up between Monday-Friday lol.

Only one package arrived around Wednesday.



So for those of you who follow my hauls would know that I had been picking up Asian English releases of PlayStation 4 games, like Super Robot Wars. One particular game I wanted to get was Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins which is a strategy RPG based on the events of Full Metal Panic! anime (mainly Invisible Victory I believe).

For some reason, this game had always been quite hard to find and when available is usually stuck around £55. Play-Asia did manage to receive more copies if you want to grab one before their free shipping offer concludes at the end of the month (link is affiliated), but in this instance someone on eBay was selling the game so I went for that route.

Managed to win it as I knew how expensive the game was, but it arrived with the packaging ripped and Royal Mail doing their 'sorry this package was ******' add-on note. Fortunately the game was new, sealed and not damaged at all.

So I now own pretty much the rarest Bandai Namco Asia title I can think of, which leaves me with Gundam Breaker 3: BREAK EDITION, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, and Super Robot Wars 30 left to get.

Also I forgot to mention, Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins is the 150th physical PS4 game for the collection.
Nice. Great game got lucky with it myself a few years ago and paid £25 for it on Amazon UK from a third party seller.

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Got some very old horror movies from HMV. Was originally only gonna buy the one on the left, but they had one of their multibuy deals on and £5 more got me free shipping, so I got its 1950s remake as well.


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Friends, I don't know what sort of bizarre luck I'm having, but CeX sent me another collectors edition instead of a standard edition again. This time Gankutsuou, £8.

The spine got a bit warped in the post because it's a steelbook but it bent back into shape well enough (doesn't look perfect but the damage is minor) and I'm pretty damn happy with it. Only a week after getting sent that Night is Short collectors edition for £6 as well.


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「week midpoint ver.」

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Do check out @Blaize sale thread for more of their collection.

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「week midpoint ver.」


Finally obtained Amiya after skipping out on both reruns. Surprised we got a third so quickly. This will probably be a first for me to collect Nendoroids under the same series title that being Arknights. Next focus will be a Genshin Impact and hopefully Punishing Gray Raven collection 🔥

Picked this fresh beauty on Cyber Monday sales. Hadn't planned to as I was pretty comfortable with the previous model but as soon I booted up this bad boy. The OLED, larger screen, backstand and overall design is something different in hand 😍


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