What did you BUY today?


Death Scythe
Bought 2 headphone converters cause Apple were d*cks removing the headphone jack.

Also bought myself some new low converse as bagged em for £28 on the Urban Outfitters site :)


Death Scythe
Everyone has removed the headphone jack now which brings me endless joy after they all hated apple 4 years prior.

I was on an SE since 2016 so it was a non issue for me until I needed a new phone, inevitability was occurring when my phone was at 50%, cutting off and coming back on at 10%, cutting off then coming back at 40% to where it wouldn't turn on after that lol. Was flogging a dead horse with that phone lol.

Oh so other phone brands don't have it either?

When I used to use my exes iPad I was p*ssed they removed it from that too. Wireless earphones, apple and fake apple ones, hurt my ears after a while as I have tiny ones so it really is a mare for me :(


All the premium ones the ones apple primarily compete with. Samsung and google the two who kept screaming about still having it. It just made them look like hypocrites


Death Scythe
Jack ports are my simple pleasures so its a sad day. Im clumsy as hell too so these jacks will break and/or get lost. Rip me. Why I need a few to keep in different bags, coat pockets etc lol.

Girls with Guns

Well my daughter and I will have a headphone jack on our phones for another 3-5 years yet - both her s10 and my Note 9 we recently bought still have them. 👍

I will never ever buy an Apple product, especially an iPhone.


State Alchemist
It is slightly annoying but you can get adapters for under a tenner. When you consider what the phones themselves and decent headphones cost, that’s not really a whole lot of extra outlay to keep using your preferred choice of headphones.

João Gomes

Vampire Ninja
I've bought The Wonderful 101 Remastered physical edition for the Switch. Veeery hyped to finally try that game out. It's my first kickstarter, too.

The only Wii U game I want that hasn't been ported yet is Xeno X, but that's just a matter of time.


State Alchemist
an attempt to obtain a set of three OOP books in reasonably good condition.
As a partially happy ending to this rant, I have now obtained 2/3 from decent private eBay sellers who were willing to provide me with pictures illustrating the full condition of their books. But I did also receive another hardback from ThriftBooks (which I ordered at the same time as the paperbacks, not realising how poor their condition would be) once again allegedly in "like new" condition. "Like new" this time meant that both the dust-jacket and the actual hard cover of the book had faded so much the top of the orange cover had turned white. I paid £10 for it believing it to be in "like new" condition and it still had a discount sticker on with a price of $3 (a discount sticker that, once removed, revealed the full extent of the fading to the dust jacket). Once again they just immediately refunded my money no questions asked.

So my tip for the day is, don't use ThriftBooks, they're goddamn liars. Unless you don't mind poor condition books, in which case you can get them for free if you ask for a refund. Perhaps if enough people do that, they'll stop lying about the condition and value of their books.

when i started to buy online i learnt very quickly to avoid books, they'd always come yellowed up or smell really moldy despite the condition guides saying they were perfectly fine
Perhaps if I lived somewhere with a lot of choice in second hand bookshops or very large second hand bookshops like they seem to have in some US cities (also second hand bookshops that actually stock books I'm interested in like SF & Fantasy titles, unlike all the charity shops around here full of Jeffrey Archer and Jackie Collins) I'd have a choice, and I'd absolutely love to be able to go and browse and see the books in the flesh like that, but it's hard enough to find some of the books I look for online let alone in the real world.
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Shadow Cat

Stand User
It is slightly annoying but you can get adapters for under a tenner. When you consider what the phones themselves and decent headphones cost, that’s not really a whole lot of extra outlay to keep using your preferred choice of headphones.
Adapters arn't really an issue (other than adding a bit of extra bulk)

But when you have long train journeys then adapters mean you can't charge your phone

and wireless headphones mean you'll likely run out of battery for the headphones before reaching your destination. I also worry they either;

1) wont connect when I unlock my phone and end up having my weeb music play full blast when I hit play
2) wont disconnect when I get an incoming call so the call would be going through the headphones rather than my phone


i have to say my purchase is a little embarrasing but its helpful its about sex
three days ago when i hesititated whether to buy or not my friends see what i am browsing and hit me on the back and shout buy it
out of suprising i click the button
and now i am looking forward to it
and believe it or not i will use it