What did you BUY today?


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For when the 31 day notice period with Sky comes to an end


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Kite said:

For when the 31 day notice period with Sky comes to an end

Which seeing as the Sky box has finally got no recordings on, I swapped them over tonight :)

Good thing I have noticed is that I can delete channels from the TV guide, which will be useful.


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Bought some stuff at MCM Glasgow today.
Pandora Hearts cushion and wallscroll, a Glaceon plushie, some Eevee badges, a No.6 mug, Sound of the Sky (DVD) and xxxHolic Volume 19 (thank you st_owly!)


After admiring a bronze goose statue in the British Museum today, I chanced upon a quantity of discounted Granny Smith apples in the nearby miniature Morrisons. At sixty-nine pence, a full twenty-one pence less than the cheapest of multipacks Tesco offer, I considered the acquisition a conquest of sorts.


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Tickets to Patema Inverted and Garden of Words for the Edinburgh shows at Scotland Loves Anime.

Also applied for tickets for Have I Got News For You as usual...though they're free so I guess this isn't the right thread :p


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640 Canadian Dollars

Should be enough for 2 weeks worth of food and any shopping I find out there :)

The 20 dollar & 50 dollar notes are plastic, feel strange on the touch


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Bought The Making of Star Wars and The Making of Return of the Jedi, to complete the set since I already have The Making of The Empire Strikes Back.


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From GAME Peterborough:
Sony PlayStation 3 500GB HDD ~ Game Exclusive Pack ~ Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, 30 day PlayStation Plus & download code for Resident Evil: Afterlife film

From Play UK:
No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise ~ PS3

From Amazon UK:
HDMI Cable for PS3
Asura's Wrath ~ PS3
Hyperdimension Neptunia ~ PS3
Kingdom Hearts I.5 ReMIX: Standard Edition ~ PS3


I went all the way to Edinburgh with the intention of buying "something" and over the course of four days, all I came away with was a second hand copy of "Wuthering Heights". Admittedly, it looks rather fine for a second hand copy, all the pages are a nice creamy white and it has a nice thick cover too.

Eh well, at least the set of records I ordered; by Boards of Canada, arrived while I was away.


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Bought new PC, looks like GLaDOS x Sloth from Goonies

I bought the myriad pieces of the technological jigsaw that is to be my household's new gaming PC. I shamelessly went over budget by only 38%, thanks to my extraordinary restraint when faced with things I want to buy, and a credit card balance of zero to play with. :>


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Due to First Great Western doing what First Great Western do best and run late, I had just under an hour to kill this afternoon in Basingjoke, so I had a walk to the british heart foundation shop (along with other shops) and I think I got lucky, £1.75 each:

I had a £25 love2shop voucher from a survey site so I got a few new titles in Waterstones, the Deus Vitae was another 3-titles from the BHF shop, and the Megatokyo was a purchase from oxfam overpriced music in Reading

And some DVDs from CEX (Princess & K-On), Karas from BHF again, even if it's rubbish it was only 99p

Have also ordered K-On Series 2 Part 1 from amazon, plus the blu-ray of the movie, making use of my 5% student discount for new stuff on Amazon :p