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  1. ilmaestro

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    General "what are you reading" discussion is the intention of this thread, but I would also like to hear people's opinions on the various Western comic companies' approach to digital distribution.
  2. Paradox295

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    I just read I Kill Giants last night. Was pretty great.

    Other than that, not read much other than Scott Pilgrim, which IMO, is a must read.

    Current Pull List:

    Batman - Collecting back issues since the start of New 52. Seems to be the most liked current Batman series

    Amazing Spider-man - Haven't read it, but collecting back issues from 648. Liked the movies and pretty hyped for the new one, and a bunch of people have said that the current writer (Dan Slott) is doing a great job.
    Avenging Spider-man - More spidey stuff. Read this one. Awesome artwork. Basically, he Teams up with other Avengers in each issue
    Daredevil - Wasn't really a fan, but they just had a crossover with Avenging Spiderman, which was based on this pretty interesting plotline they had going on
    Deadpool - It's Deadpool.
    Punisher - Same with Daredevil. Crossover type thing. Awesome artwork

    America's Got Powers - Just started. Can pick up the first issue for like £2.30 right now. Written by Johnathon Ross, who actually does a pretty good job on this. Plus it's huge. Like 30-40 pages or something. Check it out

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 - Continuation of the show
    Angel & Faith - As above

    Also reading Chew and Avengers vs Xmen through other methods, then picking up trades later.
  3. ilmaestro

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    Might have a look at that.


    I've been buying these, but still didn't get around to reading them. D: I think I keep on meaning to rewatch the shows first, but that might never happen.

    So, you're buying the official digital versions of them, I see, I see...

    But more seriously, why aren't you buying these in individual issues? Just don't rate them enough? I lost a fair bit of my interest in AvX (not that it ever seemed like anything other than a silly/cheap idea, I would rather them just stick to the X-Men for stuff that is "supposed" to be about Hope and the Phoenix Force) when I saw a preview panel with Iron Man beating Magneto. I don't know or care how they've explained that but... no.
  4. Genkina Hito

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    The only western stuff I tend to read is John Constantine: Hellblazer and Locke and Key. I recently read We Will Bury You but the art and story-telling were so awful I gave up.
  5. Ryo Chan

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    just started reading my scott pilgrim collection

    lovin it
  6. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    I read basically just The Ultimates, though I have seen a few issues of Avenging Spidey. I liked the Cap issue best so far, really want to see him with Iron Man though, I really like their team-ups :p
  7. Paradox295

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    Same here. Still haven't got round to watching Buffy Season 5/Angel Season 2, even though I really want to.

    Just picked up the first few issues of AvX. It's pretty good. Not great.

    They also are doing a spinoff book where they have all the fights in full.

    With Chew, I really like it, but it's gonna be impossible to get the first lot of issues, and I don't want like, the first half in trade and the rest in singles.
  8. ilmaestro

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    Gotcha. And yeah, I saw the AvX spin-off thing, it all just seems like a really weirdly cheap way to cash in on the movie buzz, when the storyline that it's potentially bringing to a close has been eight years in the build up. :-/
  9. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    Just picked up the first few issues of AvX. It's pretty good. Not great.

    They also are doing a spinoff book where they have all the fights in full.

    With Chew, I really like it, but it's gonna be impossible to get the first lot of issues, and I don't want like, the first half in trade and the rest in singles.[/quote]

    I don't get why people are so weird about Iron Man vs Magneto... Tony Stark is a muthaflipping genius, he's not going to fight the master of magnetism in a suit made of metal...
  10. ilmaestro

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    He's not going to fight him at all, if he's that clever. :p Magnetism vs. his suit is totally irrelevant, magnetism beats everything that a regular human could come up with. Electromagnetic force is one of the few really important ones on the planet!

    edit: gah, I wasn't supposed to arguing this, haha. :D
  11. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    Tony Stark's not exactly a regular human :p
  12. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    With the alternative being mutant/alien/etc, yes, he is. :p
  13. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    Well he kind of is a mutant now, what with the extremis virus. Not an x-gene mutant, no, but a mutant in the same way Spidey and the Fantastic Four are.

    But yes point taken :p

    Either way, so far I've found AVX pretty dull. I still hate that JRJR is doing the art. I really REALLY don't like his work, it looks nasty.
  14. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Oh yeah, I try to forget that Extremis was a ret-con for IM overall rather than just some new armor. Like "crap, we're making movies about this guy... we should probably pretend he is something different to what he has been for fifty years"...

    I shall continue to avoid AvX then, on your recommendation.
  15. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    You know Extremis started publication in 2005 right? :p This is one case of the movies being influenced by the comics, not vice versa.

    Also how was Iron Man different in Extremis? pre-mutating thing I mean. I'm genuinely asking, I haven't read many pre-extremis comics. Do you mean the "trying to right the wrongs made by my company" thing? I didn't know that was new, but if so I think that's a good move personally. Makes for a more compelling character.
  16. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Mmm, I thought that a) work on the movie had been started a good few years before it hit the cinema (if you want some seriously "before the movie came along", there is a great reference to RDJ in the first run of The Ultimates, though) and b) that Extremis moved Tony away from his "Marvel's Batman" kind of thing that he has, where he is just a "regular human" (to quote myself) who can live with these crazy jacked up guys due to the powers of his unaltered human brain.
  17. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    Well... that doesn't really relate to the movie though does it? Because he is still just a normal dude in the movies. And Favreau was hired in April 06, so it was ruminating but I don't think serious work had begun. There's a hell of a lot of Extremis influences on the movie, particularly the updated origin.

    I thought you'd been implying that they changed the movies to better suit the comics (which they often do, in fact they've just crowbarred in a Nick Fury jr. who looks identical to Samuel L Jackson, despite SLJ Fury already existing in Ultimates), but I was just saying Extremis wasn't one of those cases.

    ANd yeah, I caught that reference :p I re-read all my Ultimates prior to seeing the Avengers heh.

    I would definitely agree that making Tony a mutant makes him less special in many ways though. Not to mention the whole "the armour is in my bones" thing is just so... silly. Even for comics it's mad. I could buy the undersheath being in the marrow, but the fact that Matt Fraction's run put the entire thing in there is just madness. Not to mention it's skyrocketed Iron Man's power levels from being "fairly strong" to basically "Superman."
  18. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Heh, now that I think about it, that is actually true. Although I would not be surprised to see them slip it in somewhere along the line, given that the armor and other things are very influenced by it.

    As for the SLJ stuff, yeah, it just actually made it more confusing as to what they were trying to do with the movies.
  19. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo

    Mmm, I hear that the Extremis storyline is going to influence IM3... which I'm mixed about. I'm not ready for RDJ to be superhuman yet :p maybe after Avengers 2 lol. I just hope Ben Kingsley is really the main villain, ideally Mandarin or someone who is Mandarin in all but name (the director felt it was kind of a racist name :p).

    But anyway this is about comics, not movies :p

    I've also recently checked out Siege. It's not my favourite Marvel event but it was a good way of bringing the heroes together again after Civil War.

    Has anyone read the new Venom series? With Flash Thompson as Venom? When I first saw the concept I thought it was mad, but actually Venom being used as a genuine government agent seems like a really cool concept. Has anyone read the series to give their thoughts?
  20. 20thCenturyBoy

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    Just finished first Volume of Brian K. Vaughan's Saga. It was quite good, not as good as I was hoping, in all honesty it felt very immature at times particularly the dialogue. I don't remember BKV's dialogue being that immature in Y, but then again I first read that about 5 years ago so maybe it was and I was just a bit more immature myself at the time.

    I think I'll pick up Volume 2 when it comes out, in the meantime I need to get back into Fables.