Weekly streaming discussion – rules and info


Moon Bunny
This forum is a place to discuss anime as it streams in the UK, and serves as an extension of the viewing journal thread. Please feel free to give feedback if you think anything isn't working quite like it should.

A few things to remember:
  • Each episode of a series should get its own thread in this forum – feel free to create one if there isn’t one already for the episode you want to talk about. There can and will be spoilers for that episode and previous episodes, so please be aware that you may wish to avoid the threads for episodes you haven't seen yet.
  • All users are expected to use this forum in good faith – please observe the global rules, and do not attempt to ruin anyone else's enjoyment of a show.
  • Please don't go back to an old episode thread and post spoilers from newer episodes – for example, don't talk about what happens in episode 2 in the episode 1 thread. Not everyone can watch a show every single week, and those watching dubs are often several weeks behind those watching subs – they should be able to go back to the thread for the episode they're watching and join in without being spoiled on future episodes.
  • Do not post spoilers from a show's source material. While a lot of anime is adapted from existing materials, a good number of people will not have read or watched them – please resist any urge to discuss or hint at future events that haven't been revealed in the current series you're watching.
  • Due to the nature of this forum, spoilers may be untagged. You may wish to tag major spoilers anyway as a courtesy to those accidentally stumbling upon the threads, but this is not required.
That should be all for now – enjoy the streaming threads!
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