Warrior King - 28th July


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It's all there in the title - Warrior King is coming out in cinemas on the 28th of July.

If you've seen Ong Bak, this is the next Tony Jaa film (at least its English release title) and if you haven't seen Ong Bak you owe it to yourself to if you are remotely interested in films of the martial-artsy persuasion.


There's no certificate yet but I'm guessing it will be an 18.


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I saw this film back last November when it was Tom Yum Goong. There is more action in this film and some of the choreography for the fight scenes are amazing. The thing is the storyline is pretty much the same as Ong Bak, going in search of something stolen Still a pretty good movie.
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Just got Warrior King in the post today and have to say its a very enjoyable if somewhat mindless action film.

Now don't think for one moment I'm proclaiming Ong-Bak (Tony Jaa's other film for the uninitiated) has a good story, but I thought that it had a more solid and consistent narrative (in the brainless action film kind-of-way), but I found this was a lot more loose and quick (though it was a re-run of the Ong-Bak story, I think it was "told" poorer).

I felt it had a lot missing and jumped from one scene to the next without much thought.

Though having said that, one can't forget what the film is - an action film with human beings as the centre stage special effects! And on this front it delivered in spades. I agree with 3nvy basically.

Its worth watching for the action scenes.

There's a really funny scene near the end that was unintentional which I won't mention, but needless to say people will probably know the bit I mean. It made me chuckle.


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McIcy said:
Cheers for the review Hovis will be renting this next week, been looking forward to it for ages

I don't like using over used superlatives, but in regards to the action content of the film it is, quite frankly, incredible. :)


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How are the extras on the UK DVD? Personally I'm not buying the film until there's more options and only will get this UK release if nothing better has come around.

The US threatrical release was heavily cut and was rescored by rapper The Rza, but the R1 DVD might be uncut and loaded with Hong Kong Legends-esque extras - it hasn't been announced yet so we don't know.


I finally get to see this in 3 days......... gonna get it for wednesdays night shift and then I can see what you have all been going on about.


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EvaUnit02 said:
How are the extras on the UK DVD?

As far as I'm concerned, excellent. Only thing missing really is a Bey Logan audio commentary. Great picture and sound quality too. :)

Also, the UK DVD release is under the Premiere Asia label which is part of the Contender group which is also the parent company of the Hong Kong Legends label.

I've noticed that for the most part the worst foreign film releases (in terms of extras anyway) come from the ones that are released by big Hollywood studios. That's what I think anyway.


Finally got to see this tonight, the fight scenes definately get the wow factor, especially the first major fight where the guy comes flying into the room and hits the wall.

But was the elephant story really necessary? It would have been a great film with out it.

Also I would like to say I love Petchtai Wongkamlau (the thai cop) I really enjoyed watching him in The Bodyguard and he didn't disappoint in this film either.