Visual-K Girl on BBC3's "Snog Marry Avoid"


Death Scythe
So last night I was channel hopping as usual, and I watch this show sometimes on BBC3... I literally turned the TV on and standing there in front of "Pod" (this 3D camera thing in the show) was this girl who I immediately thought I knew she was wearing Japanese style clothes... and she proceeded to say she was dressing in the Visual-K style, had a Japanese friend she answered questions and it turned out that she didn't get a makeover because she was awesome already - basically.
The show will probably we repeated over the next few days at random times, for anyone who's interested.
Oh, and I didn't hear right but it seemed her name was "Meal", or something like that.
She did the community proud - she came across as a person who really says her mind and what she believes in... etc


Stand User
If you have virgin media it's on demand i meant to watch it since it seems a little better than those "HAHA YOU FAT AND UGLY GO WEAR THESE CLOTHES NOOOOOW".


Have seen a few of these while stuck at work (its usually on after family guy) and some of the girls on there are so ugly the amount of makyp and fake tan they wear is rediculous they look far better after the makeover. Its nice to see someone on there who didn't need anything as they were fine