Violet Evergarden International Blu-Ray Release?


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Can't seem to find one outside of Japan for this anime. Unfortunately Japanese release is Jap language and subtitles only.



Germany has one/is in the process of releasing some, IIRC. Apart from that, there's nothing. AL have it for the UK, so expect it sometime next year, maybe.

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I imported the four JP sets even though they are not English Friendly, mainly because Violet Evergarden is my favorite anime of all time now. The Japanese box sets are pretty awesome inside when you open them up. Volume 4 also includes the Extra Episode 14. I'm glad I got the JP sets; they will add so much to whatever boring packaging for the series we ever get here in the US. Until the series is released in English sub/dub, I just have some multi-language fansubs burned out to a DVD, which plays great through my Blu-ray player.

Below are some pics of the Volume 1 set. Outside is an o-card slipcover with cutout window. The cardboard Japan uses for slips is more rigid and crisp that US slips, and the hinged box inside has a really nice-feeling matte finish:

Front of Volume 1

Rear of Volume 1

Slipcover and Box

Hinged Box Opened

Volume 1 Internals

3 Post Cards

10 Illustration Cards
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I hope AL release it soon and in the movie forms as I need it give a second chance as I did like the OVA and ep 10. But ep 13 is still one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen.