US Thinpacks Question


Right y'all,

I would really like to do a bit of importing and buy up a couple of Thinpacks from the US, to economise on the price of a whole series.

Can anyone recommend a good and reputable dealer, preferebly with some first-hand experiences with them to comment on, that I could buy from?



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United Publications and Otaku are probably your best bet - they're always the first sites I turn to to fulfil all my importing needs, and in the two years or so I've been using them I've never run into any problems. They are also based in the good ole U of K so you won't get hit with any nasty import charges, and if items are in stock they'll usually arrive within a couple of days.

The only other site I can think of off the top of my head is, Caiman. They're based in the states, but they're uber cheap and stock practically every R1 anime title known to man. Obviously you have to wait a bit longer for your items to arrive, but considering how much money you can save it's definitely worth it.


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I'd say go with Otaku UK as well. They don't charge for P&P, so if you double check the cost of UP1's DVDs, add the P&P they charge, then decide which is the cheaper option.
It's not always best to actually import from the USA incase of customs charges, as they can ruin the savings you might make!
I think the average thinpak price from Otaku is around £22.99 inc. P&P!


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DVD Pacific

Currency Conversion

UK Customs = £4 + 17.5% of the value of your purchase but not the shipping cost.

These are the only thinks you need to know when importing anime. If you compare prices from DVD Pacific with those from United Publications ( or then you will find that even if you get charged customs, you will still save a lot of money.

At the very least please check what I am saying for yourself, otherwise you won't know what you are missing. I saved myself between £50 to £100 on my October anime orders compared to elsewhere.

MovieMars are ok too, but they took ages to send my order due to stock problems. This was via ebay as well, so you'd hope they would have stock before putting it up for sale. Still, I'd say give MovieMars a look too.

The important bit is this though:

Shopping at DVD Pacific = MORE MONEY FOR YOU
More money for you = MORE ANIME
More anime = WIN

That is all.