Overseas US: Sentai Premium box sets


Pokémon Master
Added the May and June releases

  • Ahiru no Sora (Premium Edition)
  • Assassins Pride (Steelbook) original planned for April

Also update Made In Abyss: Theatrical Collection as that moved from the March release window to May 25th, and GATE where the re-release of May 4th has been added.

Link to the Google Spreadsheet

Girls with Guns

Dragon Knight
My copy of the Made in Abyss Movie Trilogy Steelbook shipped yesterday from Deep Discount. I had pre-ordered it there back in February because it was much cheaper than at Sentai or Rightstuf. Just pre-ordered the RahXephon Steelbook from DD today as well.


Great Teacher
Honestly, for me collecting big fancy boxsets isn't very appealing since I'm primarily interested in content but I do have a few fancy boxsets-but to each their own.