Overseas US Region [B|2] & Geolocked [US] Compatible Blu-ray and DVD Imports

Just going through some of your sentai list to be confirmed list.

Tested on a ps4

The dragon dentist (geolocked
The familiar of zero s2 (geolocked
The familiar of zero s3 (geolocked
Girls und panzer this is the real anzio battle (geolocked
Humanity has declined (locked
Is the order a rabbit s1 (geolocked
Seven heavenly virtues (geolocked
This man caught a merman (locked
Utawarerumono ova (geolocked
Wake up girls series (geolocked
Wake up girls movie (geolocked

Oh, I've ordered a lot of sentai titles so once they arrive I'll confirm them.
Confirmed playable on ps4
From the new world complete series

A sister's all you need A/B
Code realize A/B 1/2
King's game A/B 1
Kino's journey the beatiful world A/B
Relife final arc A/B 1/2
Just received the Sentai version of Aura Battler Dunbine on blu. Didn't need to change the blu-ray region to play the first disc (the last disc I played was and Anime Ltd Gundam) so it looks like it's playable in the UK (if this wasn't already known)
In fact it's the opposite, most of the Japanese blu-ray are A/1 locked, only the Aniplex blu-ray releases are 100% region free.
Actually, the Bandai Visual/Emotion and Toho BDs are region free too. For reference, in terms of Bandai Visual/Emotion releases, I have Macross Delta (TV series and movie), One-Punch Man and Ghost in the Shell. As for Toho, I have Your Name. While I have a region free player anyway, I have to manually change the region settings via remote for BDs (DVDs are automatic).

As for DVDs, they're generally region locked, but for region 2, not region 1.

I may be wrong, but I've read on listings for Flying Dog BDs, and they're region A locked (at least according to CD Japan and Amazon).
I can't confirm that or any other distributor as I don't have any titles outside of Bandai Visual/Emotion, Toho, and Aniplex Japan.